Minnesota Orchestra: New proposal made through mediator

  • Article by: Graydon Royce , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 16, 2013 - 7:18 PM

The Minnesota Orchestra board served up a revised offer on the same day it had set as a deadline to end a lockout.

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lesluethmersSep. 15, 13 9:37 PM

Forget them and bring in amateurs who will play for the love of the music

jpcooperSep. 15, 1310:25 PM

“But I’m not sure the board has done all the fundraising it can do."

Fundraising? Double the price of the tickets! Thats fundraising

jsbach2012Sep. 15, 1310:34 PM

I would prefer professional musicians, thank you very much. They are already here and they need to stay. The board has not done their job and the musicians certainly have. The management created the problem and they can fix it, but on the backs of the musicians.

MnguardmanSep. 15, 1310:37 PM

Like the Vikings and Twins? The way they are playing, there should be a refund on ticket prices.

joeljySep. 15, 1310:38 PM

Hoping for a resolution acceptable to all. Our community needs these players in our Orchestra.

gingergirlgimbusSep. 15, 1310:49 PM

@lesluethmers: So tell me, what do you do for a living? Would you be willing to give up your house, food, vehicle, clothing, etc. to work for the "love" of what you do? Give me a break! These musicians trained for years and are among the best in the business. Besides the endless hours of practicing for years, they had to buy their instruments, pay for upkeep, pay for lessons, classes, music, not to mention conservatory or music school. Tell me, do you work for the “love” of what you do? These musicians deserve every cent they earn. They give back to the community ten fold! They are teachers, coaches, mentors, and donate their time to worthy causes using their musical talents and abilities. So, they do play for the “love of music” and they deserve to make a decent living as well!

mnorchfanSep. 15, 1311:07 PM

I am guessing the union is not going to be reasonable and will probably ask for another raise, despite revenues that just don't exist. So when can we bring in new performers that want to play versus a national union that is using Minneapolis to make a stand and trying to bleed the endowment dry.

hermajestySep. 15, 1311:26 PM

lesluethmers and mnorchfan:"Forget them and bring in amateurs who will play for the love of the music"--I guess you missed the part where the musicians have given several unofficial concerts during the lockout, which certainly netted them less than the contract would have, as well as benefit concerts for various causes.

Despite what the press coverage says, the dispute is not ONLY about money but about work rules, artistic control, and respect.

You have two bankers heading up the Board of Directors, yet the Minnesota Orchestra Association somehow managed to lose money during a booming stock market. In their everyday lives, they are used to ordering people around and having their every command obeyed. They are nonplussed by professionals who not only have group solidarity but have enjoyed expressions of solidarity and support from musicians and music lovers throughout the world.

The musicians are even prepared to put on their own concert series this fall, and their first guest artist is pianist Emmanuel Ax, one of the biggest names on the concert circuit.

It's time someone stood up to these short-sighted finance guys who "know the price of everything and the value of nothing."

akadamsSep. 15, 1311:53 PM

I've been wondering about this shifted deadline...I believe it was originally September 9, and then according to the StarTribune, there was no reason to believe it would be the 9th, and the 15th was far more likely. For logistical reasons. Because management has been really, really busy this year, not producing concerts...

chezjakeSep. 16, 13 2:30 AM

It's great to hear that management has made another offer, confidential this time (rather than in the press) and through the mediator that they and the musicians chose. Thanks to Board members who helped make this happen...it finally offers a glimmer of hope.


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