Twins lose 7-0 to Rays in rain-delayed game

  • Article by: PHIL MILLER
  • Updated: September 15, 2013 - 12:33 AM

The Rays bounced back after play was halted, while overmatched Twins hitters put up zero after zero.

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CountChoculaSep. 15, 1312:44 AM

Well done, boys. Sign Gardy to another three-year deal and keep the country club intact. Loyalty always trumps winning. And now Ryan says it was injuries that doomed this year's club. Don't know which he's referring to, but gotta have those excuses ready. They're a key element The Twins Way -- an otherwise hopelessly dated philosophy that has no place in today's power game.

jackstpSep. 15, 13 1:03 AM

Zero accountability with this team. It starts at the top with horrible owners who care nothing about winning. All they employ offer nothing to fans but excuses and finger pointing instead of growing a pair and fixing things. This once proud organization has been turned into a laughingstock. Who can fire the owner of a team? I hope the IRS nails the Pohlads good and they are forced to sell the team to pay of the debt associated with more of their lies.

knight63Sep. 15, 13 1:13 AM

Gardy- your team was outplayed, yes. You were also outcoached. Have been for some time now and the fans here deserve better. But Pohlads dont give a rip. Sad. All about filling the pockets. Nothing about putting a winning product on the field. They have gotten nary a dime from me for three years now. Looks like it will be a while before I spend that dime too. Disgusting.

drock918Sep. 15, 13 2:23 AM

Realistically, there are only three or four players who should remain on the 40-man roster next spring. The time has come for Ryan, Gardenfire, and the rest of the coaching staff flunkies to be gone. Hell, I can manage a team that gets blanked in two consecutive home games! And I'll work for half of what Gardensham is stealing from the organization! This is an absolute disgrace and changes need to be made.

lordhawhaw1Sep. 15, 13 2:24 AM

I went to my first Twins game in years on Friday. I took my wife and daughters along as the kids had been bothering me for a couple years to see a Twins game and Joe Mauer. Taking my family mean't violating two of my principles. First it is my policy never to put a thin dime in the pockets of billionaire sports team owners who can't figure out how to build a stadium without reaching into my wallet. But I swallowed my pride and ordered tickets. I spent well over $150 on tickets, parking and food but as it turned out it was well worth the investment. We were delayed walking into the game by a drunk wanting money. The Twins AAA lineup I paid full price to see could not even get a player to 3rd base. Joe Mauer didn't play either (what a shock). The kids soon lost interest and offered no protest when I suggested we leave at the end of the 7th inning. On the dark, lonely walk out to our car some hoodlum shouted racial slurs at us (I think we were lucky that's all he did). Which reminds me of my second principle I violated; never to enter the city of Minneapolis. Why was all this worth the investment? After all my kids were scared by the drunk, the hoodlum and were bored silly by the game. Yet I know the kids will never hassle me to see another Twins game or probably even attend an event in Minneapolis. The evening couldn't have worked out better for me.

comment229Sep. 15, 13 6:07 AM

Whoever posted that there are three/four legit major league players on this team was exactly right. I know who I would keep and who would be expendable. But the fact remains that decent players have to come from somewhere, and as long as twins management remains the same, this is what you are going to get. I have no idea where I would begin, but I can tell you, that if your main reason for going to a game is to see Target Field, the honeymoon is over. You got your stadium; now get a team. PS... was I talking about the twins, or the vikings, or the gophers? You decide....

comment229Sep. 15, 13 6:10 AM

PS.. If you want to see who the legit players are on the twins' team, simply pretend... yes, pretend, that the entire roster was released from their contracts today... which players would be picked up for next season? Go ahead... name them. I count four maybe five. And if Gardenhire was fired today, name one team that would consider him for their manager next year.... c'mon, just one.

rms316Sep. 15, 13 6:15 AM

Get this disastrous season over with already. Pohlads need to sell this team to somebody who cares.

dirtydogsSep. 15, 13 6:42 AM

Blame anyone and everyone, but this is on the Pohlads and Terry Ryan. Ryan is the puppet saying the right things so he acts as a buffer for one of the cheapest owners in all of baseball...THE POHLADS.

fuzzymathbroSep. 15, 13 7:37 AM

STOP GIVING POHLADS $$. Pohlad's strategy is no different than what's playing out in politics right now. Gardy is simply a distraction/buffer that keeps us from solving problem, but yet keeps $$ going to Pohlads. They promised that spending problems would cease if they got new stadium, in turn, WE GAVE THEM NEW STADIUM. But guess what? Here we are again. Our anger need not be directed at Gardy or even Terry Ryan..they are simply there to deflect blame. EVERY GM would throw $$ at free agents to improve their team, it's not their $$!! Right? Why would Terry Ryan give 2 thoughts to being financially prudent? B/C those are his marching orders. And Gardy is simply along for the ride. He makes mistakes, but this is POHLADS problem. We are too dumb to take these guys to task. 1) Stop attending games and/or 2) Start protesting at games.. SIGNS, BAGS ON HEADS, ETC. They don't want this!


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