Rollout of Obamacare spawns slew of scams

  • Article by: ALEJANDRA MATOS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 15, 2013 - 5:59 PM

Con artists are busy dialing seniors and other consumers as they try to cash in on the confusion around the Affordable Care Act.

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kilofoxSep. 14, 13 7:34 PM

This roll out should be very smooth. Can't see what could go wrong. Thank you Nancy Pelosi for passing it to find out what's in it.

fuzz48Sep. 14, 13 7:44 PM

Number One: It's the Affordable Health Care Act - not "Obamacare." - It's not going to be perfect at the start. It's an extremely important act for millions of Americans who cannot now get coverage. There WILL be scammers, who have figured out that it's not efficient to rob gas stations, when they can convince people to send them money. This kind of scam goes on day after day after day for hundreds of things. DO NOT EVER, EVER, EVER give credit information, banking information etc. to ANYONE ON THE PHONE! A legitimate business already has most of the info they need. If they ask you to verify the info - make them read what info they have to you. Ask for a number to call them back, then try it.

drfranktSep. 14, 13 7:53 PM

"Rollout of Obamacare spawns slew of scams"...well of course it does. obamacare itself is nothing but a scam conjured up by a scam artist sitting in the White House.

luzhishenSep. 14, 13 8:36 PM

Given the lack of an alternative other than "back to the way things used to be" from the GOP, I guess we have this until we march on DC and demand Medicare for all...then we can join the rest of the developed nations.

denialoSep. 14, 13 9:08 PM

My money says this will be remembered as OBAMACARE! The single biggest political flop ever introduced to America. This disaster was rammed through by democrats without the support or vote from one republican. You own this entirely, democrats!!!!!!!!!!!,

dickweadSep. 14, 1310:53 PM

Of course the biggest scam of Obamacare is that the democrats rammed paying insurance fir 30-40million Down the throats of working American taxpayers.

comment229Sep. 15, 13 5:51 AM

The same negative comments were said about Social Security and Medicare. Bet the people bad mouthing the ACA are not going to give up their SS checks some day or keep paying BCBS after they turn 65. Many of us need health insurance reform and I understand if you don't; and I wish there was a better alternative, but simply, there isn't. I no longer have health insurance; I have antibankruptcy insurance and hope to see a doctor soon.... January second perhaps? I wish you well.

comment229Sep. 15, 13 5:56 AM

If you are looking for a scam inside the MnSure system, look no further than why the projected premiums dictated to SE MN are extremely high compared to the rest of the state. And when several local politicians have demanded answers, the reply is the same; we don't know why. Some human set those rates; some human should have to justify them. I suspect it is going to turn out to be the tail wagging the dog. I would write to Governor Dayton to ask him why the rates are going to be so high in this part of the state, but I suspect he doesn't have much time for this. This part of the state deserves better.... By now, you have probably guessed the reason why the rates are projected to be so high..... what good is the best health care in the world, if you cannot access it?

comment229Sep. 15, 13 5:59 AM

It was rumored that the MnSure exchange would soon feature a Cadillac plan on the top end, and a catastrophic plan on the bottom. I am waiting for the catastrophic plan; yes, second rate, and probably worthless, but it is all I can afford as I am self employed, have no group or hope to have, and am fast approaching the age of Medicare. Scam? You don't need to answer your phone to find the scams; just check with your local health insurance providers with the take it or leave it monopolies in place. The only industry worse, is probably the petroleum industry... scams? or monopolies?

rms316Sep. 15, 13 6:13 AM

I wonder if all of you Anti ACA people out there can offer any opinion that might be backed up by actual facts or evidence. Most are just repeating talking points put out there by the GOP and Obama haters. They have no clue what the bill is about or how it's going to affect the healthcare system.


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