Americans' exaggerated 'war-weariness'

  • Article by: Eliot A. Cohen
  • Updated: September 16, 2013 - 12:50 PM

Remember, most of us haven’t made a direct sacrifice — and those who have are proud of their service.

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kinnickSep. 15, 13 7:00 PM

My question is would this article been published if Bush was still President? Not

allhailfsmSep. 15, 13 7:02 PM

What a load of crap! Yes, soldiers are proud of their service, but that does not mean the rest of us get off the hook for sending them into harms way. Before lives are destroyed and spirits damaged, we need to have a very good reason for pursuing war. Obama is right, we are war-weary, and I do not want to send any more nephews into the fight.

allhailfsmSep. 15, 13 7:08 PM

Cohen was an advisor to Bush and to Romney. He sent my nephews into war and he has no sense of responsibility.

Let him volunteer to go into battle, until then he is one more right wing chicken hawk glorifying war.

jd55604Sep. 15, 13 7:26 PM

How about our weariness when it comes to this country's $700 billion/yr defense budget or our $61 billion/yr homeland security budget and let's not forget our weariness of chicken hawk politicians who want to involve us in every coflict around the globe paid for with money we don't even have. I may not have sacrificed my life for this ridiculous and never ending 'war on terror' but I think myself and future generations have sacrificed quite a few tax dollars for these peoples' qioxtic quest to police the world.

hobie2Sep. 15, 13 7:54 PM

Interesting comment, about most of those who made a direct sacrifice "are not war weary" - I am wondering how this clueless hack spoke with those who did the ultimate sacrifice and asked them if they would do it again for the fundamentalist coalition of Syrian rebels? I am betting they would not even die for the freedom to be one sect of a religion or killed... Or die for democracy, where democracy means you get to vote if you are of the right sect...

revelationzSep. 15, 13 7:55 PM

Send the us congress into war led by Omama

hobie2Sep. 15, 13 7:56 PM

Wasn't he one of the top 20 Bush advisers -- 18? of whom never were in the military and the other 2 served in stateside safe... Just another right wing chicken hawk willing to send someone else -

gbill7Sep. 15, 13 7:58 PM

IF another country attacks and invades us, we can think about another multi-trillion-dollar war - otherwise NO! We've got a 16 trillion-dollar national debt, plus many more trillions promised, and NO ONE has come up with a way to dig us out of this financial hole. Stop digging the hole deeper! We're broke, credit maxed out! Another unnecessary war is madness!

vlombardySep. 15, 13 8:05 PM

Eliot Cohen is a neocon who was on Romney's foreign advisor team during his campaign. He is a strong cheerleader for the AIPAC, who sees all of this Syrian "trouble" as an excuse to go to war with Iran. Had Romney been elected, Cohen would likely have advised him to have troops in Iran today. Why does the Tribune publish such propaganda without a brief bio on a person's past activities?

luzhishenSep. 15, 13 8:20 PM

Send in Elliot in the first wave. As for my war-weariness, I guess it comes from my nephews who have done their bit and paid for it as well as the students I have to advise who are still dealing with the fallout from their time in the service. My war-weariness comes from having pundits like Cohen constantly wanting me to pay for his wars, one way or the other. My war-weariness comes from knowing that the innocents killed in wars of our choosing are killed in my name with weapons paid for with my dollars. I do so wish this guy and the other warmongers would get to do a few days of battlefield clean-up work.


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