U of Minn. to cut administrative costs

  • Article by: Maura Lerner , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 14, 2013 - 8:42 AM

At the same time, consultants find that the university is not top-heavy with administrators.

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fwallenSep. 13, 1312:18 PM

When anyone considers an organization as large and complex as the U you have to wonder how any president can get his/ her arms around it. However it's shear size and complexity require great management. There is too much at stake: our children's future, innovations, discovery, creativity, the economic engine, and the States future success. Spending a lot of time at the U tells me there is waste and layers that should be addressed.: tenured staff cruising to retirement in place, fund raisers like Maturi who cost more than they raise, and people paid much more than market rate for jobs that typically go to insiders.

nitetrainSep. 13, 1312:21 PM

The U does employ far too many administrators. The report was likely sanctioned by the university and of course the outcome would contrast the findings of the Wall St Journal.

rshacklefordSep. 13, 1312:24 PM

Just don't tell me that Maturi is still there getting paid for doing absolutely nothing.

EleanoreSep. 13, 1312:31 PM

I would have thought the ethical gymnastics required to craft a report showing the UMN system was not over staffed and over administered would have been too great for even this Board of Regents and Larry Pogomiller. These people really can accomplish anything when they put their mind to it. Now getting Minnesota to believe it...that is the impossible dream.

upnorth85Sep. 13, 1312:39 PM

when was the last time a consulting firm hired by the President did not return the results he/she wanted? Administrators are routinely fired after an external review of leadership by a "friendly" consultant.

trudgeSep. 13, 1312:56 PM

Go Eric Go! Put that university on a diet. BTW, thank you for not increasing tuition this year.

elmore1Sep. 13, 13 1:02 PM

You can hire five consulting firms and get five answers. They will tell you whatever you want to hear for the right price. I am glad to see Mr Kaler finally getting off of his hands and doing something. He should double or triple his proposed cuts. The students are the clients and we need to provide quality and affordable education without all of the overhead. Student debt is at shocking levels and we need to drive it down without continued state bail outs.

sage62Sep. 13, 13 1:27 PM

The compensation these profs earn, especially in the soft sciences is appalling. Sheltered, tenured, overpaid academics trying to justify their exorbitant incomes...pathetic.

cinemajaySep. 13, 13 1:50 PM

So the WSJ does a hatched job--as it often lauds private universities over public--and as a result people at the U will be phased out, possibly even lose their jobs. Brilliant!

eman2001Sep. 13, 13 1:53 PM

After reading the story carefully, I conclude that there will not actually be cuts, but rather the costs will be reclassified to something other than administration.


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