Suit says Minnesota drivers' records illegally checked 600 times

  • Article by: Randy Furst , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 12, 2013 - 7:22 PM

Suit claims that drivers’ records of people involved in Wabasha County politics were illegally checked at least 600 times.

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fatredneckSep. 12, 1311:27 AM

This story is sadly incomplete! How did the victims become aware their records had even been accessed? From where did these victims pull the statistical information on these records?

wulffie22Sep. 12, 1311:40 AM

Here we go again. I wish someone would acces my drivers license information about a hundred times. Isn't that good for about $250000?

elmore1Sep. 12, 1311:58 AM

Deduct the suit costs and penalty from the Police Chief and other leaders salary (this is a management issue). Terminate those who are abusing this in the future. Problem solved.

ganniecaSep. 12, 1311:58 AM

I hope they win the suit but also that the employees are prosecuted. the head of the NSA keeps saying that info that was gathered on all of us as Americans is safe. But look how easy it was for these government employees to abuse their access to records. Just imagine all the "contractors" private company employees wo are doing data gathering for the NSA. 100's of companies, thousands of employees. Not only is it against our constitutional right, it is a huge cost of our tax dollars. and that is before you figure in lawsuits. We have the right to privacy.

jarlmnSep. 12, 1312:14 PM

And *now* do you understand why gun owners get nervous about firearms registries? Trust issue, much?

gopher68Sep. 12, 1312:26 PM

Shouldn't the plaintiffs have to prove tangible harm came to them by someone accessing their records in order to get these large payouts funded by taxpayers? And no, seeing how much they fudged their weight on the license application doesn't count.

basia2186Sep. 12, 1312:50 PM

No harm no $$$. Everyone who illegally snooped should be fired. No tax dollars, not one- for imaginary damages. Address, height, weight, photo? NOPE!

pitythefoolsSep. 12, 1312:53 PM

What harm was done? Was anyone blackmailed? Were their records disclosed publically somewhere? This is nothing more than lawyers finding a way to pad their wallets. One suit paid out $1M. For $1M you can post pictures of me and my driving records on the internet for everyone to see. I'll even provide the pictures.

lakejeepSep. 12, 13 1:13 PM

The way you become aware someone has accessed your records is by receiving a letter in the mail from the state of Mn indicating your record was accessed. I received one when the whole DNR deal was going on related to this. This whole thing will most likely take awhile to resolve. I am not a person to pursue legal action or the suit so not going down that road but it is just unfortunate to think a govt employee or anyone for that matter just nonchalant looks at your DL record or any other personal information for that matter. Very irritating.

EleanoreSep. 12, 13 2:17 PM

Fire the individuals who did the snooping as well as their immediate supervisors. Hold the individuals who did the snooping financially responsible for any costs that come of this. But yes, no damages unless you can prove harm or attempted harm.


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