Pittsburgh Zoo says mother is to blame for death of 2-year-old boy mauled by wild dogs

  • Article by: JOE MANDAK , Associated Press
  • Updated: September 12, 2013 - 3:55 PM

PITTSBURGH — The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium says the mother of a 2-year-old boy who was fatally mauled when he fell into a wild African dogs exhibit is to blame for her son's death and shouldn't be allowed to sue.

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davehougSep. 12, 1311:54 AM

Place and most folks know A is risky and does happen. Parent does A, harm follows. Is the place at fault for 'not doing more to prevent A' even tho all standards were followed and common sense says A is risky??? Isn't it always the case 'more could have been done to prevent'??? Where is the legal liability line drawn when most folks know A is risky but parent (and many others) do A???

MacSep. 12, 13 1:13 PM

The Mom is trying to shift blame to the zoo in order to make herself feel better and to profit on her son's tragic death. It is 100% her own fault for allowing him the opportunity to jump into the exhibit in the first place! She failed at her #1 job as a mother - keep her son safe. She put him in harms way by lifting him over the railing and then failing to hold on to him.

trice01Sep. 12, 13 1:41 PM

What a shame that such suits are even allowed to be heard. Would she have done this over a pit of alligators?

gearrunrSep. 12, 13 1:45 PM

I can't imagine the horror. And I can't see how you could ever recover from something like that. I feel terrible for the family. That being said, it is entirely her fault. I'm sorry that it is, I wish that it wasn't because it makes me feel so sad. But we all know it is.

west336Sep. 12, 13 1:48 PM

I can't think of many things worse than watching your child fall helplessly into a cage of wild animals! The whole thing is utterly disgusting on both sides, but it's hard to blame the zoo beyond saying that maybe next time build two fences several feet apart so if somebody leans over and falls they only fall into a gap area that prevents mistakes like these from happening. The horror of it is gut-wrenching!!

odinmanSep. 12, 13 1:48 PM

I wonder if the lawyers representing her would lift their own children up over the wall to get a better look? This case should be thrown out. Stupidity is no excuse for a lawsuit.

njoytoyzSep. 12, 13 1:56 PM

This is in memory of the meerkat family at the Mn Zoo that they thought they had to destroy because of those stupid parents that let their kids get too close.

decembersueSep. 12, 13 2:19 PM

As much as we might like to blame the parents, let's remember that zoos are overwhelmingly used by families with small children. It shouldn't be so easy for something like this to happen. Maybe in a national park we can say, "that's the way it is" (like yellowstone, where occasionally people cook themselves in the hot pots) but a zoo is constructed by man, and therefore is expected to be a bit safer.

fatredneckSep. 12, 13 2:20 PM

If your kid is the only one to die in over 100 years, it's not the zoo's fault.

morbthrmsnowSep. 12, 13 2:26 PM

I suppose they could improve the netting, was that angled away from the enclosure also? Maybe they should use a 10 foot high glass wall, with barbed wire on top, instead of a wooden railing. In the end, it's nothing but a tragic accident. This is the first person to ever fall in and bounce off the netting. the kid died a horrible death and the mother will forever live with the guilt of lifting her child up, no matter what her attorneys say.


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