NYC voters slam the door on political comebacks by Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer

  • Article by: JONATHAN LEMIRE , Associated Press
  • Updated: September 11, 2013 - 3:52 PM

NEW YORK — Anthony Weiner's ill-fated mayoral campaign ended with a string of final embarrassments: He mustered a mere 5 percent at the ballot box. One of his sexting partners tried to crash his primary night rally. And Weiner was caught making an obscene gesture to reporters as he was driven away.

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tupelohoneySep. 11, 13 7:24 AM

Common sense prevails.

birdpeepSep. 11, 13 7:24 AM

Even New Yorkers rejected these perverts. Maybe there is hope?

dumbgopSep. 11, 13 7:51 AM

Ok, it's done. Can we please not hear from these two losers again? AP, there is no more reason for any articles.

guessagainSep. 11, 13 8:20 AM

birdpeep: "these perverts." Democratic voters have a strong moral compass. Just curious: Why doesn't the GOP reject their morally-bankrupt representatives like David Vitter, Amy Koch and Mark Sanford?

owatonnabillSep. 11, 13 8:49 AM

"Democratic voters have a strong moral compass. Just curious: Why doesn't the GOP reject their morally-bankrupt representatives like David Vitter, Amy Koch and Mark Sanford?" ............... Lol. Isn't "moral politician"--of any party--the ultimate oxymoron? If Prostitution is the oldest profession, then it's close cousin Politics is surely in second place. Owatonnabill has long maintained that if made to choose between a politician and a prostitute, he'd choose the latter. At least with a prostitute there's no doubt of what you're paying for.

dumbgopSep. 11, 13 8:56 AM

guessagain, hey, guess again what the topic is Mr. Wizard.

yargadSep. 11, 13 9:57 AM

Four professionals were arguing about which was the oldest profession, a lawyer, a surgeon, an engineer and a politician. The lawyer said, "God punished Adam and Eve for eating the apple, so the law is the oldest profession." The surgeon said, "Before that He took a rib from Adam to create Eve, so surgery is oldest." The engineer said, "Before that He brought order out of chaos, so engineering is oldest." The politician just smiled and said, "But who do you think it was who created the chaos?"

raineyrooSep. 11, 1312:02 PM

Stay classy, Anthony Weiner. Here's to hoping that he's never heard from again.

mylittleidSep. 11, 1312:48 PM

The voters response to these two is a resounding "Go away!". Hopefully they will listen.

herby2013Sep. 11, 1312:55 PM

What Wiener and Spitzer did pales in comparison to what Bill Clinton did. Two women accused Bill Clinton of rape (Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey), numerous female subordinates claimed he exposed his genitals to them and demanded sexual favors, Bill Clinton was sued by Paula Corbin Jones for doing exactly that, then we have the Monica Lewinsky scandal and Bill committing felony perjury while President (he later had his law license suspended by his home state of Arkansas for perjury in the Jones case). And yet Bill Clinton remains a hero of the Democratic Party, liberal left, and of feminist women in particular. How can Bill Clinton be a hero and all these other Democrats shunned for doing far less than what Bill Clinton did? What Weiner did was wrong, but at least no women were hurt, which is something we cannot say about Bill Clinton's actions.


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