Minnesota Orchestra musicians make counter-offer in pay dispute

  • Article by: Graydon Royce , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 10, 2013 - 9:36 PM

Minnesota Orchestra management dismissed proposal as a “vague framework” that does not “constitute an official counterproposal.”

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hermajestySep. 10, 13 7:46 PM

Mr. Henson, your "legal advisors" are well-known union busting experts.

badcopperSep. 10, 13 7:47 PM

That is significant because the musicians had never offered a counter offer in their standoff with management.----- sums up the last 11 months. They actually asked for pay increases when revenue streams cannot support their current bloated salaries. These folks are truly out to lunch.

songoflarkSep. 10, 13 8:03 PM

Mr. Henson should bring his concerns to his chosen mediator, Sen. George Mitchell, not to the press.

sully_mnSep. 10, 13 8:11 PM

Niether side seems to realize they are slipping further & further away from the consciousness of the general public.

totaltruthSep. 10, 13 8:17 PM

"""well-known union busting experts"""

This statement is humorous, as it is the unions themselves who are the "union busting experts". Failure to make counter-proposals,; not bargaining in good faith; making unattainable demands; Making attack statements without offering anything to resolve the issue...

Yes... The unions themselves definitely make the best "union busting experts".

lordhawhaw1Sep. 10, 13 8:17 PM

If rich liberals want the overpaid orchestra to continue they should pony up for it. Otherwise, most of us "little people", living from paycheck to paycheck, could really care less.

la55122Sep. 10, 13 8:25 PM

Henson will go down as the person whose ego and singular devotion to his version of reality will be held responsible for the demise of an extraordinary organization. Let the board and donors blame the musicians if they want, the reality is that whatever is reconstituted as the leaner, lower paid, non-union Minnesota Orchestra will be a poor imitation of what we let them destroy.

jlestribSep. 10, 13 8:42 PM

The Minnesota Orchestral Association needs to tell its officers and spokespeople to stop trying to negotiate through a PR campaign (it's not working - you are perpetuating a PR nightmare), stop violating the mediation confidentiality agreement and start working with the mediator. End the lockout and bring back the music!

magoldsteinSep. 10, 13 8:50 PM

The musicians didn't get paid a penny or receive any benefits from the Minnesota Orchestral Association for the entire last season. How much did the MOA save? That amount had to be taken into account in any counter proposal the locked out musicians offered. And, what did the MOA spend roughly 14 million dollars on last year anyway? Did the entire MOA operation cost 14 million dollars to not put on a season, not pay the musicians, guest artists, the convention center? Does the MOA need 14 million dollars a year to run nothing? I'm confused. That's a pretty expensive operation, epecially to do nothing that the organization is supposed to do... like provide music to the community. No wonder the MOA doesn't like the musicians' counterproposal...

gopher68Sep. 10, 13 8:51 PM

hermajesty, please let us know who these "union busting" experts are and what your factual justification is for calling them such. I'm confused how setting pay levels commensurate with the amount of cash inflows constitutes "union busting."


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