Wilfs argue against release of financial data

  • Article by: Mike Kaszuba , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 10, 2013 - 11:48 PM

Vikings owner argues against judge’s order to release net worth.

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RossbergSep. 10, 13 1:19 PM

"Wilf also indicated that making public his net worth might impact his business dealings as the owner of the Vikings." That's the price you pay for participating in racketeering and fraud. However, their main concern is probably that this case and any disclosure is going to cause a flurry of new lawsuits from their other "business associates" who were determined by the Wilfs to have received "too good a deal" and got the same shabby treatments as the plaintiff in this suit. It feels almost like a certainty that we're nowhere near the end of the problems associated with this stadium and the Wilfs. Cancel it now before anything is dug up, torn down, or built and renegotiate it from scratch.

gurquhartSep. 10, 13 1:21 PM

What a load of crap. Too bad, Zygi-- when you set out purposely to cheat your business partners, this is one of the costs you have to pay. Also, when you play in the public arena and seek to obtain a $1 billion football stadium for (what will be in the end) nearly zero in "net" cash out of your pocket, you should have to make some concessions then also, such as revealing your net worth. Otherwise, please go away and leave us alone, or take your underperforming team to LA.

rshacklefordSep. 10, 13 1:39 PM

(Wilf claims): “These industries require significant negotiations in which disclosure of our net worth would without doubt provide our business associates and competitors with competitive information that could be used against us in future dealings, including, but not limited to, the ability to tailor negotiations with respect to proposed transactions based upon such knowledge,” he stated. ---- That was unreal. Not only was that the biggest line of BS I've ever read but I could even smell manure through my LCD monitor! I hope he talks like that some more. It is funny.

la55122Sep. 10, 13 1:41 PM

What a pathetic individual that defies the court and uses his family as an excuse. Everybody knows he has money, just how much is at issue. Or maybe he doesn't have any and doesn't want to admit it. Hope the court stays the course and demands the financials be made public.

fletch1Sep. 10, 13 1:50 PM

I'm sure he doesn't want the public to know he can afford the stadium himself. Oh well, go Vikes!!

dirtydogsSep. 10, 13 1:57 PM

I wish I had a vote as to how my tax dollars are being spent. Enuf said.

irelandguySep. 10, 13 1:58 PM

It is very ironic thst Mr. Wilf is concerned about being the victim of extortion so soon after he himself extorted a subsidized football stadium from the taxpayers of Minnesota.

sooofedupSep. 10, 13 2:02 PM

Is Ziggy serious? "will pose a serious threat to me and my family,” Does he think because he hasn't shown any $ figures, every hoodlum thinks' he's broke? If you own a football team, you have enough $$ to extort, no matter how much actual cash you have in the bank. What he really means is a serious threat to expose his assets to the IRS

swschradSep. 10, 13 2:13 PM

what Wilfie is really about is that he now gets held to account for his full share of any project in the future. he can't hide behind "I can't spend any more on this" any more. the reason slick operators don't want disclosure is they don't want anybody to know how slick they really are. used to be a slick operator in my hometown who would do a full barbershop job, get a new suit and shoes, and spiff up before going to the bank for a loan because he'd go down in flames if he didn't get it. we know what the Howling Wilves are about here.

marketerSep. 10, 13 2:14 PM

"in which disclosure of our net worth would without doubt provide our business associates and competitors with competitive information that could be used against us in future dealings" .................Anybody else had enough of this guy!? Rybak, Rosen, Lanning, Dayton, Tuthill, Calvin-Roy.....????


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