9/11 still lingers in unexpected ways

  • Article by: Dale McFeatters , Scripps Howard News Service
  • Updated: September 10, 2013 - 12:13 PM

The aftereffects of that day are with us still; in some ways, they are more influential now than in the immediate aftermath.

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frankenoffSep. 10, 1312:50 PM

Thirteen Years After 911 The US Borders Are Still Open, US Ports Are Not Secured, Terrorists and Illegal Aliens Still Enter the US, Violence from Foreign Gangs Increases Daily, Expired Visa Holders Still Roam Freely Drugs/Weapons/Terrorists Still Flow Freely Across US Borders. Sanctuary Cities Aid, Abet and Shield Terrorists and criminal Illegal Aliens from Federal Immigration Law. Terrorist drug cartel violence is spilling over the Mexican border into the United States. It is pretty obvious that many in Congress have been bought, sold and corrupted to keep the borders/ports from being secured. We have allowed our representatives from both parties in Congress to get away with inaction on these pressing issues. We have failed those that died on 911 by not learning from our mistakes yet we continue to take no action. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

frankenoffSep. 10, 1312:51 PM

Anybody cracking down and deporting those "visa over-stayers" like the guys that flattened the twin towers? Thought not.

frankenoffSep. 10, 13 3:41 PM

Nothing in that new gang-of-eight immigration bill to track down and deport visa overstayers. In fact, the new bill substantially increases the number of visas anually to the highest ever in Amercian history.

ontherecordSep. 10, 13 3:58 PM

frankenoff: "Anybody cracking down and deporting those "visa over-stayers" like the guys that flattened the twin towers? Thought not." Since net illegal immigration is now at ZERO, maybe you should be more concerned with the loss of liberty in the US, specifically the inability of women to obtain legal prescriptions and medical treatments recommended by their doctors; and then there are the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are being denied their constitutional right to vote because they don't have and can't get a birth certificate and don't own an "authorized" ID such as an NRA membership card.

brotherkennySep. 10, 13 8:23 PM

It turns out, we are not the policemen to the world. We are the policemen to those countries that produce a commodity that we believe is important to our economy. Syria may not have oil but it is in that region of the world that peaks our interest. There are many downtrodden people in the world who suffer under brutal despots, and not all of them are in the middle east. Yet, we don't have too much happening elsewhere. We have not always acted when chemical weapons have been used. What is our purpose now? I somehow doubt we have suddenly become the noble purveyors of justice to the world. Instead, I suspect we are still obsessed with the economic impact of the destabilization of the middle east. So okay, kill the terrorists and save the children, especially those living near an oil field or just generally in the vicinity of a oil field or oil shipping lane.

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