Will the music stop for Minnesota Orchestra's Osmo Vänskä?

  • Article by: Graydon Royce , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 10, 2013 - 8:48 AM

Fate of the acclaimed conductor, who says he’ll quit if the orchestra misses its Carnegie Hall dates, could be determined in the next week.

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roberth999Sep. 9, 1310:02 PM

I worked at the MN Orchestra when Edo de Waart and Eiji Oue were the directors as a nobody (basically). Oue actually stopped me in a old music store on Nicollet Mall to say hello. I am so disappointed and sick of this dispute! Fix it now!

DufferHSep. 9, 1310:10 PM

If he has a contract til 2015, how can he resign? Is he being paid during the lockout/strike?

morenews0013Sep. 9, 1310:14 PM

The MOA baord has clearly decided that Minnesotans will pay the same prices for tickets to concerts provided by less stellar musicians, with a less well-known conductor. They want everyone to leave the orchestra, including Osmo. The assumption is that we Minnesotans have short memories and will forgive and forget. I think they let it draw out too long. Their intentional Minnesota Twinning of the orchestra is pretty embedded in everyone's mind now, so the "forget" part isn't going to happen, muchless the "forgive."

oolongteaSep. 9, 1310:17 PM

Please, musicians and management, come together and do whatever it takes to resolve this dispute. Losing Osmo is a disaster we can't afford.

turgidSep. 9, 1310:29 PM

Both the board and musicians will lose if Osmo leaves. But the board loses twice, because they have to replace him, and what decent conductor will want to stake their future on this mess?

jlestribSep. 9, 1310:30 PM

Contrary to the disrespectful and mean-spirited comments of the Minnesota Orchestral Association's "leaders," retaining Osmo Vanska is critical to the orchestra's future. The best way to retain Mr. Vanska is to end the lockout immediately, start rehearsals and get the music playing again. MOA's board and leadership have made tragically faulty tactical choices and erroneous assumptions about what would happen after their "final offer" and lockout action. There has already been major destruction to the orchestra through the departure of 24 top musicians. The destruction can be stopped. Please stop it before Mr.Vanska and another big wave of outstanding musicians leave!

d434478Sep. 9, 1310:34 PM

Tired of this on-going story. I guess the musicians and management decided not to make music...pathetic!

neilgdSep. 9, 1310:49 PM

Can't believe the board is willing to let this wonderful orchestra disintegrate.

mikehessSep. 9, 1310:55 PM

Lets hope the management and board act in time. Returning to the mediation table would be a way through this short term crisis created by the lockout.

dtmonkeyboySep. 9, 1311:41 PM

I'm not really a classical music fan but it is clear the Orchestra can not afford the first -rate musicians they recruited and hired to come to MN. I can't blame a first rate musician for not wanting to get paid a second-rate salary. It seems to me the board and management needs to go. They recruited and paid salaries they could not afford, but are not being held accountable. In addition, Cleveland has been able to generate twice the revenue....which indicates the MNO is also doing a bad job at marketing. If musicians take a pay cut it should be on the condition that management is fired.


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