New catcher Pinto makes Target Field debut this weekend

  • Article by: Phil Miller , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 6, 2013 - 12:14 AM


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thegirlsSep. 6, 13 6:46 AM

let Pinto catch for the whole month. this will help Ryan decide something about the catching for next year. Mauer should go to first. Or take a poll--if the majority of fans don't really mind, trade Mauer for a starting pitcher and a third baseman.

commonsens4uSep. 6, 13 9:00 AM

It takes much more than 3 years to build a team and a rotation from nothing. As we've seen this year and last year, the cupboards are completely bare for pitching in this organization. We have 2 decent hitters coming up, but by the time they're here, Mauer will be in decline and there's nobody else MLB caliber so they are essentially only replacing what we currently have/had. This team will not be a playoff contender for at least 5 years, don't fall for the Pohlad Propaganda that "next year is our year". This team and it's minor league system is a complete mess and there is little talent anywhere. It will take many years of poor records and high draft picks to re-stock the system. Just like the Pirates.

bobojoSep. 6, 1310:55 AM

I would feel better if their analysis of recent talent had been a little more accurate This sounds very familiar.

hrbekmorneauSep. 6, 1312:33 PM

Let's trade Pinto for Matt Capps; then let's pay Capps' $8 million salary, too. That would be a great deal.

paul44Sep. 6, 1312:35 PM

" the cupboards are completely bare for pitching in this organization". One of the most ignorant statements I've heard lately about the Twins. Gibson, Mays, Meyers, Stewart, and Berrios are top pitching prospects, not just for the Twins, but tops in all MLB.

dreisinSep. 6, 13 1:00 PM

The Twins aren't as bad off as some are suggesting. Before you go off on me, hear me out. Correia is pitching pretty decently, so he would fit as a nice #3 next year. Pelfrey is getting stronger (further removed from Tommy John surgery) and has a decent shot to be a #2 next year. That leaves a #1 starter which they will have to go outside the organization to get. The 4 and 5 slot could be filled by Deduno, Gibson, Diamond, or one of the younger pitchers that are close. This wouldn't be too bad of a staff depending on who the ace is. It would certainly hold them over until the crop of youngsters got ready. I don't think the future is too bleak. Especially with the hitting talent that is close. In addition to Buxton and Sano, they have Rosario, Escobar, Hicks (I still think he'll figure it out), Walker, and Kepler.

moretaxesnowSep. 6, 13 1:56 PM

paul44 wrote: "Gibson, Mays, Meyers, Stewart, and Berrios are top pitching prospects, not just for the Twins, but tops in all MLB." --------- Uh huh. Sure. Just like Blackburn, Slowey, Bonser, Baker, Hendricks, Diamond, Swarzak, Duensing, De Vries, Deduno, Walters.... We're told this garbage every single year, yet very few of these "top prospects" ever pan out in the Twins organization. Going back through 2008, Liriano is pretty much it. So 1:12 becomes an ace according to Twins past history. Which means we'll be lucky if one of the 5 you mentioned becomes great, and the others will be mediocre #4 starters at best.

birdpeepSep. 6, 13 2:33 PM

It looks like Pinto and Hermann can both more than adequately catch. During the off season, I hope management sits Baby Joey and his mommy down and at least attempts to talk him in to looking at a trade. The Twins will have to eat at LEAST half his salary, but freeing up 11-12 mill to get a real starting pitcher will give far more benefit than a weak hitting oft injured rbi-less gidp machine.

minneg56Sep. 6, 13 3:16 PM

Great! We now have a 'Pinto' behind the plate catching for a pitching staff of 'Yugos'!

partskcojSep. 6, 13 6:13 PM

Are you sure Pinto isn't Punto in disguise.


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