Minnesota Orchestra musicians aren't easily replaced

  • Article by: Mina Fisher
  • Updated: September 5, 2013 - 5:50 PM

The definition of fungible: able to be replaced by another identical item; mutually interchangeable. Exchangeable or replaceable for another of like kind.

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regionguySep. 4, 13 7:54 PM

I suspect that the author is more than "a music teacher in Minneapolis"; could she in fact be the Mina Fisher who was a cellist in the Orchestra from 1979-2010? If so, that should be disclosed. Having listened to the Orchestra since 1979, I agree that the players and conductor are not easily exchanged for others. And I like the way the orchestra sounds under Vanska. Thus, I hope this gets resolved through some significant concessions by both sides. But this doesn't mean that the players and conductor can't ultimately be replaced. And if there are enough classical-music lovers in the fanbase and donorbase we will ultimately have another good orchestra here.

badcopperSep. 4, 13 8:42 PM

What a fluffy, flowery bunch of pablum. Nothing Tangible,,nothing concrete, hyperbole doesn't pay the bills.

lee4713Sep. 4, 13 8:43 PM

"But this doesn't mean that the players and conductor can't ultimately be replaced. And if there are enough classical-music lovers in the fanbase and donorbase we will ultimately have another good orchestra here." Please define your timeframe of "ultimately". Why would you want to lose such an orchestra, only to spend much time and money to build one back up again, assuming this could even be done? How much goodwill - and donation potential - has been lost? Your "fanbase and donorbase" are evaporating quickly.

editor25Sep. 4, 13 8:46 PM

I've got the solution: Play for America (PFA). Get some fresh college grads from elite universities. Their enthusiasm and intelligence will allow them to be just as good as those experienced and highly trained (and highly paid!) slackers who are now holding back our musical IQ.

wbgleasonSep. 4, 13 9:11 PM

I've been attending Minnesota Orchestra performances since 1970. Heard them in Northrop, O'Shaughnessy, and their sonically magnificent current home. Stan - a wonderful conductor for many things - Sir Nev, Edo, and Osmo. Wonderful musicians all, but somehow Osmo seems able to wring the last drop of sonic goodness out of what WAS the Minorch. If this fiasco continues, it is SPCO, the Schubert Club, the CHICAGO symphony and the LYRIC opera for me. The destruction of the Minnesota Orchestra is a true American tragedy.

wbgleasonSep. 4, 13 9:22 PM

ps. Eiji I accidentally omitted Eiji Oue who was also an exceptional musician. This very talented cast of conductors indicates a fine and increasingly better orchestra.

FrankLSep. 4, 13 9:39 PM

This is simply an opinion, there is no data to back up these claims. Where are the rankings from an independent source? I would feel differently if they were creating new music, that would give them a unique characteristic not found in another orchestra.

esackswhiteSep. 4, 13 9:45 PM

Thank you Mina, for your continued passion for your colleagues. Yes, Mina was in fact in the MN Orchestra for many years; she had to leave due to injury, otherwise I am sure that she would still be there. The audience for the MN Orchestra is here, clamoring for resolution to this lockout. We support the musicians, and do NOT want to lose Osmo or anyone else!

eric2001Sep. 4, 1310:19 PM

On new music and rankings---How many world premiers have I heard by the Minnesota Orchestra? Too many to remember all of them. They are doing new music and they do it very well. What kind of data do you need? The ranking of orchestras is not empirical science. However, when an orchestra consistently gets rave reviews in the NYT; blows people away at the most prestigious classical music festival in the world; can fill concert halls in Vienna, Amsterdam, London, etc. etc. and get nominated for a few Grammy's, they are a top tier orchestra plain and simple.

yoopeeSep. 4, 1310:48 PM

This is perhaps the single most important point in the negotiations. Henson is either clueless or lying. There's an OCEAN of difference between a kid from Curtis or Juilliard with chops and someone who has the experience of a Minnesota Orchestra musician, and more importantly, the experience that the MN Orchestra musicians have from years, even decades, playing together. Once the majority of the current members are replaced, we might have a decent band, on par with maybe a 2nd tier orchestra like North Carolina Symphony, but we'll be losing an orchestra on par with Boston & Chicago. Don't we want to preserve greatness in Minnesota? Isn't that what our state is about? Where's the pride? The competitiveness? I want greatness here, not an acceptance of merely OK. Remember, folks, this orchestra was founded in 1903. We owe it to the thousands of people who worked so hard to make it what it has become artistically to preserve that high standard.


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