Rod Grams, former Minn. senator, in hospice care

  • Article by: PATRICK CONDON , Associated Press
  • Updated: October 9, 2013 - 9:45 AM

Former U.S. Sen. Rod Grams has entered hospice care following a cancer diagnosis in April 2012.

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QbikerSep. 4, 1311:16 AM

I wish Rod Grams and his family best wishes. He was a MN Senator and seemed to be an honest and genuine human being. My he live the rest of his life in comfort with family and friends.

tkcloutieSep. 4, 1311:42 AM

I am not in the Rod Grams political camp. But I met him when I had his grandchildren in my classroom. He was a complete gentleman and I enjoyed my brief time with him very much. His grandchildren were two of the best students I ever had in class. My prayers and best wishes go out to the Senator and his family.

tholmquistSep. 4, 1311:49 AM

He served us well. God bless him and his family. Thank you for your service.

depres08Sep. 4, 1312:29 PM

Yeah he was a pretty moderate politician and a good person, nice to see people who knew him commenting here...but please Start Trib REPORT the news. HOW OLD IS HE AND WHAT KIND OF CANCER?

howard007Sep. 4, 13 1:03 PM

Senator Grams is 65 years old. It appears they have not released the information regarding the type of cancer. I met Senator Grams on a few occasions and actually had a group dinner with him one time. He was actually a somewhat shy man. Best wishes to you and your family Senator.

dighollywoodSep. 4, 13 1:11 PM

Will pray for him and his family. Didn't know he was struggloing with this - just thought he was in retirement. All my best to him. Hopefully he has "people of faith" surrounding and comforting him at this time.

sadie38Sep. 4, 13 1:16 PM

I used to work as an executive receptionist for a big company in downtown Minneapolis. Rod Grams was the only politician (of many seeking the backing of those I worked for) who stopped, introduced himself and shook my hand. I'm far from conservative or a Republican, but i will not forget that gesture. It's cool to see others feel the same way.

lawguy86Sep. 4, 13 1:46 PM

While he was a senator, he made a point of appearing at an annual SIDS conference (he lost a grandchild to SIDS). There were no polical points made or attempted. It was just a very nice, thoughtful thing to do and was greatly appreciated by all of the SIDS parents and family members who attended--including those of us who were well to the other side of the political spectrum. Seemed to be a genuinely nice, if somewhat paradoxically shy, person. My best to him, his family and friends.

80sgirlSep. 4, 13 1:55 PM

I'll echo many of the comments made already -- I'm neither Republican nor conservative, but Senator Grams was always approachable, accessible, and -- most of all -- human. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his loved ones during these difficult days. I lost my father to cancer at the age of 65, so I do understand what a blow this is for everyone who knows the Senator.

luxaeternaSep. 4, 13 2:33 PM

I never met the man, but I wish him the best. Because he's a Republican politician with a grave illness, I would add that I hope he understands and supports the need for affordable health care for all Americans facing cancer and other chronic diseases.


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