Vikings stadium official: Wilfs can pay their share

  • Article by: Richard Meryhew , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 4, 2013 - 10:19 PM

Vikings stadium project doesn’t need to wait for a New Jersey court ruling because the family has the “financial capability,” the chairwoman says.

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ericaloeSep. 4, 13 9:47 AM

It still doesn't mean that building the staduim is a good idea.

kivirl4Sep. 4, 13 9:53 AM

surprise surprise. The predetermined conclusion has been announced. First of all, it will be interesting to see what damages they have to pay in New Jersey case. But again, the issue is not do they have the finances. The issue is do they have the credibility, the honor, the ethics we want in someone as a partner, and I think the New Jersey case has already shown that they dont. I am also intersted if the investigation looked only into finances, or any other shady dealings.

RossbergSep. 4, 1310:00 AM

They have the financial ability? That's nice but that was just one of the questions. What was supposed to be determined was whether this conviction for fraud, civil racketeering, and many other charges was an anomaly or a result of their standard business practices. So far all we know is that they have a legal reputation for putting out false financial statements.

Opus2013Sep. 4, 1310:02 AM

Unbelievable. For me, this is so bad that Dayton will need to be removed from office. The next Governor should remove Kelm-Helgen on Day 1.

sharkysharkSep. 4, 1310:04 AM

NO! Their willingness to carry their end is seriously in question. They have demonstrated bad faith in the past and the entire stadium agreement was based on lies. The People demand a do-over.

genericloginSep. 4, 1310:11 AM

I have the financial ability to move forward on the Wilf's part of the stadium. They have very little coming out of their pockets on this scam.

lettem01Sep. 4, 1310:13 AM

And with this announcement the dog and pony show, rear end covering exercise is complete.

irelandguySep. 4, 1310:15 AM

It's long past time for the hiring of an independent special prosecutor to investigate this entire transaction. The involvement of both State of Minnesota and City of Minneapolis elected officials should be the focus of this investigation.

wilfcharitySep. 4, 1310:16 AM

Now that the dog and pony show is over to appease the anti stadium rubes we can get this project back on track. Not that the Wilfs have a potential 50 million fine looming against them. Now we need to figure out how to pay for the states share of years 2-30, since the one time tax on cigarette is covering just year one.

dmulville72Sep. 4, 1310:23 AM

This is ridiculous. This was probably our last shot at getting any transparency in this whole stadium debacle and we just throw it away again. I'm truly disgusted by the entire process from the start and we (the public) deserve TRUE answers of the Wilfs financial worth in this. What is being hidden from us?


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