Rand: Twins roster upheaval is simply reality

  • Article by: Michael Rand , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 2, 2013 - 11:53 PM

The MLB standings offer a daily reminder that this is not 2010. OK, a simple calendar and Miley Cyrus can also do the same thing, but bear with us.

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Douglind33Sep. 2, 13 2:57 AM

"...new young players could soon make the Twins relevant...?" Sure, all they need to find are 4 SPs and 6-7 position players. By the time this happens the Vikings will have won a couple of Super Bowls.

lindy_frank123Sep. 2, 13 5:25 AM

wow...that long to rebuild? that's an eternity...the beginning of the end for Twins in 2010 did Gardy actually win a MOY award? Hard to believe...that postseason showed how much of a manager he WASN'T...and still he cashes a paycheck and blackburn? how can he still be being paid? only on the Twins folks only on the Twins

clnorthSep. 2, 13 8:02 AM

The simple reality is that the owners continue to make more money by investing less in payroll. Build it and we can keep the players we develop.

goldengoph3rSep. 2, 13 8:31 AM

Michael, last Saturday's lineup--without Mauer or Morneau--lacked a single player hitting at least .250. Therein lies the awful truth: we don't have young players with major league talent. Buxton and Sano may become good, even great, major leaguers, but if the Twins are banking on this, two stark realities come into focus. The first is we're still years away from competitiveness. The second reality is that this team's cupboard, from the majors to class A, has never been more bare than it is now. Unless something dramatic happens, Sano and Buxton would have to exceed our wildest expectations for the Twins to merely reach .500.

clnorthSep. 2, 1310:03 AM

The other point not being made: they have a lot of money to acquire players through free agency. Dropping Morneau gives them another $15 million in profit next year. Hopefully fans will talk with their feet next year and Target field will sit empty. Their attempt to field a competitive team has been pathetic.

heiniemanushSep. 2, 1311:02 AM

Teams (except the Yankees) go through rebuild cycles. A real fan can embrace these. The problem here is that we should have been aggressively in a rebuilding mode for two and a half years. Because of our indecision we failed to get a single player who is likely to play a key role in the future for all the talent that we had in 2011 that didn't figure to be part of the rebuild. Done properly and early enough we should have been able to land some key pieces for the likes of Cuddyer, Kubel, Nathan, Young, Morneau, Hardy, et. al.

caferevSep. 2, 1311:52 AM

Michael, you mean turnover like St. Louis, Atlanta, and Detroit? Is that what you're talking about? Oh yeah, those teams tend to keep their veterans and then plug in new talent, so they compete EVERY year. Sorry, I must have mistaken you for someone that actually has a clue. The media in this town should realize that it can pat Terry Ryan and this inept organization on the back all it wants just because once upon a time he/it got lucky by taking advantage of a weak division after YEARS of being so bad that it had choice draft picks to spare, but the reality is that his methods, and those of this organization, simply don't work anymore; the "Twins Way" is a farce. Why? Because no great organization EVER rebuilds. Ever! It just keeps chugging along, keeping its valuable parts and plugging in new talent via trade, free agency, and drafting along the way. It may have a down year once in a while, but it essentially competes every year and NEVER rebuilds. Nice try, Michael. Why don't you give it another shot when you have a clue.

caferevSep. 2, 1312:01 PM

@heiniemanush Really? Every team goes through a rebuilding mode? You mean teams like St. Louis? Atlanta? Detroit? Texas? Boston? NYY? Is that what you mean? Or did you mean organizations like the Detroit Red Wings? The Chicago Blackhawks? The St. Louis Blues? Or did you mean the New England Patriots? Perhaps the San Antonio Spurs? Is that what you meant? Every team has a down year once in a while (see Red Sox last year, Yankees this year), but good organizations don't have down DECADES. And that's what this franchise is headed for. The problem with this region is that expectations are so low at this point that we celebrate "charming ineptness." Terry Ryan's such a good ol' farm boy that we often look past his incessant failures (10 losing seasons in 16 as GM, five of those 92 losses or more) because we deem him a good guy.

danpinkSep. 2, 13 2:48 PM

Reading through this list makes one appreciate the utter incompetence of the Twins management. Many players --- Span, Cuddyer, Kubel, Young, Revere --- were not stars but valuable players and the heart of a team that could at least score runs even when the pitching failed. Where are they now? What did the Twins get for them? I don't have a lot of hope for a team run by people who trade away something for nothing.

mnhockeyguySep. 2, 13 4:33 PM

The icing on the cake is that the Rays picked up Delmon Young again. So in effect they received Bartlett and Garza from us for... absolutely nothing! The Twins will be irrelevant for 7 more years or until TR retires/takes a different role which ever comes first.


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