Youth day or not, fewer hunt ducks

  • Article by: Doug Smith , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 31, 2013 - 5:56 PM

Come Saturday, about 5,000 kids age 15 and under and their mentors will slip into duck blinds before dawn and partake in Minnesota’s 18th annual Youth Waterfowl Day.

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verdepatoSep. 1, 13 5:57 AM

he youth duck hunt has long been a bane to duck hunting for all others All the youth duck hunt does is drive the ducks out of the state

doots799Sep. 1, 13 7:40 PM

End the youth hunt! Good dads take their kids hunting anyways.

mmediaSep. 1, 13 8:46 PM

Two things are certain: 1) all the teal will be driven off the pond I hunt before opener, 2) I will still get a limit of garbage that I take the time to pick up because of the slobs who have now made that pond their spot for YW day.

crestliner62Sep. 2, 1311:58 AM

Biggest joke the previous poster..good dads will take their kids anytime and take the time to teach them how to deal with other hunters ethically and behave properly. Kids don't NEED a "Special" time..they need involved dads and moms who know the difference between right and wrong.

fishanhunt2Sep. 3, 13 3:26 AM

IMHO Youth Waterfowl Day is a noble, but failed experiment. End it now..

gimruisSep. 3, 1312:53 PM

Whatever happened to going duck hunting on opener like everyone else? This nonsense of special days for youth hunting is getting out of hand. Next spring there'll be a youth walleye day before the season while they're spawning! At least its gonna be 90 on Saturday. Let those kids roast away in their neoprene waders.

remysbuddySep. 3, 13 2:37 PM

I agree with a lot of the postings, especially those that reference taking your kids along hunting regardless of special youth-focused opening dates and making the time to teach them right way to hunt and to be stewards of the environment.This good Dad is looking forward to hunting with his daughter on her first ever waterfowl hunt on public land this Saturday. We will gladly endure the mosquitos and sunburn to be together doing what we love. I will also hunt the "regular opener" and I have yet to find any correlation with the youth opener having anything to do with success or lack thereof on opening day. I have been waterfowl hunting in Minnesota for nearly 20 years and can't help but wonder if the decline in hunting numbers has something to do with the lack of ducks to shoot at across the state throughout the season. P.S. We will make sure to leave our spot in better condition than we found it.

crestliner62Sep. 4, 13 3:01 PM

IMHO I think the lack of hunters is multi facetted and there is no one answer to it. Could be lack of birds, could be the price tag,(seen the price of ammo and dekes and equipment lately?) I personally would not want to be just starting out..I've hunted ducks for 40 some odd years and most of my dekes, equipment, etc were hand me downs and garage sale buys. Raising kids isn't the same either as it was when I was younger...too many competing activities ie. fall baseball, soccer, football, early basketball,school activities, hockey..the list goes on and on. If the father figure is not into it..the kid may have trouble getting into it. Less connection to the land?..sure. I think the state would be better off getting off the "outdoor recreation meal ticket" and find a better revenue stream because before long you won't have many people paying in. On another note, I do REALLY like the new rules about split seasons, open water hunting but still think we should stick with a 0900 opener. The limits are great except you could make them a 100 and it wouldn't make a hill of diffrence..if the birds aren't there...the birds aren' there.

MoojaSep. 4, 13 4:34 PM

As a son whos father took him hunting, I won't be carrying on that tradition. Why? 1) Regulations - The duck hunting regulations alone are 40 pages long. Not to mention regular hunting, boating, gun transport regulations, etc, etc. Now the DNR even requires your SSN due to some sort of welfare regulations. Slip up once and there goes your guns, truck, fines, jail time, whatever else they feel like taking from you. The DNR were once again at the State Fair showing off their man hunting dogs. They're pretty proud of how their dogs can chase down and maul a human target. Have the gall to defend yourself against these violent animal attacks and win a ticket to jail. It's not worth the risk of making a mistake for a duck much less expose my children to that risk as well. 2) Expense - If you're not spending large amounts of money on equipment, travel, and/or land leases you might as well setup a blind in your back yard. 3) Lessard theft law. - Since when do Minnesota's believe it's right to steal money from their neighbors to pay for their own hobbies? Duck's Unlimited support of the Lessard theft fund has made them enemies of anyone who believes taking money by force of government to fund their pet project is immoral. 4) Ducks - You can find them but it's not like it use to be for sure. They've successfully made it illegal to hunt ducks everywhere and when the ducks are.

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