Minnesota needs higher minimum wage

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  • Updated: August 31, 2013 - 6:59 PM

Family economic security and learning go hand-in-hand.

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rlwr51Aug. 31, 13 5:43 PM

The alternative is to let inflation eat away the buying power of the work force until they can't afford anything but a stall and are fed at a common trough.

jimjimjimjimAug. 31, 13 6:12 PM

If you look past the end of your nose you will see that increasing wages at the bottom causes an increase of wages up the ladder which causes businesses to raise prices. Which, in the end, means the person now making minimum wage pays more for goods and services and is no better off than before. In fact, they are still making minimum wage. If you really believe as you do why not mandate everyone make $25 an hour?

clintonliesAug. 31, 13 6:15 PM

Where are businesses supposed to get the money to pay for this? You really You really put a lot of thought into this.

pumiceAug. 31, 13 8:32 PM

From the article: "[The achievement] gap [is described as a racial gap, but it's also a gap] between children from economically secure vs. insecure households. Persistent poverty and persistently low test scores go hand-in-hand."

supervon2Aug. 31, 13 9:44 PM

Does this mean that the State Fair admission will be $25 next year and a pop will be $10? We seem to be heading that way. That should kill the fair. Oh, how do those "Underpaid" manage to afford those high-priced concert tickets?

jweb1958Aug. 31, 13 9:47 PM

I agree that we need to do much more for our lower-skilled, lower-income citizens; I support raising the minimum wage, and it should be done at the federal level so that low-wage states don't have a competitive advantage. But if the Strib editors want to help lower-income people, why do they support allowing 30+ million low-skilled immigrants into the country, who will depress wages and compete for jobs with existing citizens? Or do you just think our citizens should go on welfare and the immigrants do the work?

thedanmanAug. 31, 1310:13 PM

Ahh yes, do it for the children, who's parents shouldn't be having kids when they can't afford to support themselves. I also believe the last proposal to raise the minimum would put MN in the top three highest in the nation, with those two states being Oregon and Washington. Given the fact that minimum wage has never been considered a living wage shouldn't change that view now. Modest increases now and then are more than fine, what the proponents here are looking from another handout, which MN is famous for. Raising the cost of business in MN is exactly what this huge proposal is about. Then you ask yourself, why is the union involved? You can be guaranteed it's tied to their contracts for those workers already getting paid more than minimum wage.

karb0013Aug. 31, 1310:22 PM

The examples AFL-CIO and SEIU brought to the press conference were paid liberal activists. Jessica English, quoted in the original story and cited as the employee stocking shelves in this editorial is employed by Coffee Party USA. http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jessica-english/50/763/b04. A simple google search would have shown all her acting for liberal movements such as occupy etc. Anyone wonder why the Unions like AFL-CIO and SEIU are pushing so hard for this even though none of their members make minimum wage? Because in their contracts, if minimum wage is increased, their wages are increased. AFL-CIO and SEIU poured in almost $1.5 million in the 2012 State legislative elections for the Dems. If the real goal was to improve lives, it would be ways about getting more good paying jobs and having people develop the skills that will get them those jobs.

donm251Aug. 31, 1311:20 PM

If a employee wants to make more than minimum wage, I suggest they get an education. I haven't found one study or poll that indicates if a person gets a higher education, they get lower income.

jmaAug. 31, 1311:40 PM

I can´t make more than $7 an hour because I´m lazy and stupid. The government needs to force people to pay me more because I said so. End of story.


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