Obama makes the right call on Syria

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  • Updated: August 31, 2013 - 7:22 PM

President Obama made a politically risky but otherwise prudent move Saturday by deciding to seek congressional approval for a strike on Syria.

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palsarAug. 31, 13 6:53 PM

"The administration has not yet presented a persuasive case to the American people..." --- Sorry, nothing is going to convince me we need to bomb Syria. Did the gov't use chemical weapons? Did the rebels? That is for the U. N. to decide and to take action on. This is a civil war and frankly, none of our business. If the U. N. votes to intervene then I would support that. I feel for the WMD line from Pres Bush but have come to realize, we are NOT the world's police.

DufferHAug. 31, 13 7:25 PM

This editorial assumes that has been proven that Assad ordered the gas attacks. That has yet to be established. Let's wait for the UN report. And even if Congress approves action, that still leaves the U.S. looking bad in the eyes of most of the international community.

abtz44Aug. 31, 13 7:30 PM

He makes the right call? Sure, if leading from behind works for you. He hasn't made a call on Syria in 2 years, and now it's all about his credibility? Chicago politics as usual. Textbook on how not to do things...red lines...stern, but meaningless warnings. The world views Obama as a joke. "Words, just ords" Hillary, the grand liar Clinton during the 2008 campaign...at least she had Obama figured out.

goferfanzAug. 31, 13 7:51 PM

It was the right move, but Obama's endless dithering on the world stage means America has zero credibility worldwide.....with friends or foes.

capsule2Aug. 31, 13 8:14 PM

Obama's endless dithering on the world stage means America has zero credibility worldwide.....with friends or foes. - No. George Bush took the status of this country down to zero. If Obama is wrong (and I can't see how he is right) we will be laughed at and his presidency will be historically scarred.

pumiceAug. 31, 13 8:18 PM

Obama makes the right call? Not according to Rep. Peter King: “President Obama is abdicating his responsibility as commander-in-chief and undermining the authority of future presidents. The President does not need Congress to authorize a strike on Syria. If Assad’s use of chemical weapons against civilians deserves a military response, and I believe it does, and if the President is seeking congressional approval, then he should call Congress back into a special session at the earliest date. The President doesn’t need 535 Members of Congress to enforce his own redline." Which Branch is abdicating responsibility? Which Branch has abrogated its Constitutional authority to declare war for over six decades? Which Branch failed to levy a tax to pay for military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq?

wickeywackeyAug. 31, 13 8:34 PM

He made the "right call" only after a mounting Congressional revolt. Now he seems to take credit for for it. MLK would be in the streets against this charlatan. We will too!

TreetoplevelAug. 31, 13 8:50 PM

The evidence is we don't deter anyone very much, certainly not nation states - especially large ones with money and weapons like Iran - and obviously not nations torn apart by civil war.

JRBAug. 31, 13 9:29 PM

All reasonable people who have been following the recent Syrian developments must conclude that the administration's handling of this crisis have been a tremendous embarrassment to U.S. credibility around the world. I'm afraid that this sorry episode will have long-lasting repercussions.

sandpoint17Aug. 31, 13 9:45 PM

I find it odd that when Boko Haram kills thousands of innocents in Nigeria, Obama calls on the Nigerian govt to show restraint, avoid military solutions, and work to solve the issue through democratic means. But then in Syria, which does not threaten the US at all, Obama is more than willing to use military force.


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