Minnesota unions have too much power

  • Article by: Annette Meeks
  • Updated: September 2, 2013 - 11:26 AM

The Minnesota Legislature delivered an enormous expansion for labor this year.

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bluedevil101Sep. 1, 13 7:58 PM

This is just the beginning. $10/hr min wage. Forced union membership in the day care realm. Keep it coming. The whole state will benefit, right?

martytoilSep. 1, 13 8:09 PM

Annette--It is amazing that with all of your angst towards Minnesota and what makes it great, that you have not yet packed up your family and moved to Mississippi or South Dakota. Perhaps it is all of the Fortune 500 companies (most per capita) that thrive in this fine state that keeps you here. Of course, that kind of puts holes in your argument.

martytoilSep. 1, 13 8:11 PM

bluedevil101--"Forced union membership in the day care realm."--No one has been forced or will be forced to join. Facts always trump hysteria.

jbpaperSep. 1, 13 8:21 PM

"One hundred percent of SEIU’s contributions went to DFL candidates. Considering the fact that Education Minnesota’s PAC contributed $647,916 to DFL candidates and $4,325 (or 0.05 percent) to Republican candidates in the last election cycle, I’d say the unions get a pretty good return on their investment."------- Yet those on the left complain that the reps are controlled by big business, who actually give money to both parties.

sharkysharkSep. 1, 13 8:24 PM

Organized crime has a comfortable home here in Minnesota. Good luck to the rest of us.

comment229Sep. 1, 13 8:36 PM

Kind of funny at the end taking a cheap shot at the unions and take back government for the people.... Last time I checked.... members of the union were also part of the "people." Want to go after the money? Start with the obscene CEO salaries across this state; then you can attack union workers if you have to.

tuttifruttiSep. 1, 13 8:36 PM

If it weren't for the DFL paying back the unions for all the cash the unions put in their pockets we wouldn't be discussing this. Quid pro quo is alive and well in the DFL.

orte0009Sep. 1, 13 8:42 PM

Meeks observes that unions lobby for "more generous compensation" for their members, and which counts as "disdainful" treatment. Because what union members are crying out for is...poor compensation and fewer jobs? I think maybe two commentaries with contradictory arguments against union influence got pasted together by mistake here.

mmediaSep. 1, 13 8:53 PM

And yet MN is still a great place to live. I guess quality of life is a worthwhile investment after all. There's got to be some room left for you in "Right to Work" state, Annette. Let me know if you need some cash for your bus ticket.

mmediaSep. 1, 13 8:57 PM

I've heard people complain that they can't find work. I've heard people complain that they have too much work. But to get paid to complain about others who work hard is something else altogether. Someday Think Tank keyboardists may get to unionize, so hang in their Annette!


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