Be wary of Al Jazeera America

  • Article by: Glenn Garvin , Miami Herald
  • Updated: September 2, 2013 - 7:20 AM

Libertarian media owners, we can’t have. But Middle Eastern despots? Great!

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comment229Sep. 1, 13 8:44 PM

I fail to see the reason to compare the Kochs to Al Jazeera? Instead of "buying something" the Kochs can just start their own media outlet. Ted Turner did it. I don't feel threatened by Al Jazeera, but apparently the author is. I will give it the exact same chance I gave to a fledgling new broadcast outlet; fox. I watched them once, and never again. Fair and balanced is a joke. Al Jazeera may be as biased and bad as fox, but I will not know that until I "tune in" once and decide for myself. As for the Koch brothers, I wouldn't even bother to listen to them once. What they have to say is just not important to me at all and about as relevant as Rush Limbaugh.

pumiceSep. 1, 13 9:22 PM

Fair and balanced shows up in the conclusion of this article: "The new Al Jazeera America, of course, should be judged on its own programming, not what the Arabic channel does. And its staff, largely drawn from experienced U.S. TV journalists, will undoubtedly resist any attempt to spin the coverage." Might AJAM be the impetus Congress needs to fund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting instead of eliminating it?

freedumb86Sep. 1, 1311:18 PM

The Miami Herald. Need I say more?

luzhishenSep. 1, 1311:44 PM

God forbid any media operation in American calls out the Likudniks and their supporters for what they are...God forbid that the blinkers ever get removed from the US warhorse that is supposed to take us from one military disaster to another...anyone who would suggest that must be a terrorist!

veritacaputSep. 2, 13 6:25 AM

Anyone who believes that Al Jazeera America was launched purely to provide a fresh, objective take on national and world news is sadly naive. Under the guise of so-called objective journalism, we are seeing the subtle promotion of a value system antithetical to the principles on which this country was founded.

tkr380Sep. 2, 13 7:23 AM

This entire country has been turned upside down by leftists socialist agendas. Morality no longer matters, what's right no longer matters, consorting with the enemy no longer matters, ostracising and attempting to take the freedoms of Americans no longer matters. America had better wake up and realize that insidious forces are at work in this country to totally remake it into a socialist "utopia" with everyone working for the government and everyone having nothing.

luzhishenSep. 2, 13 8:37 AM

"Under the guise of so-called objective journalism, we are seeing the subtle promotion of a value system antithetical to the principles on which this country was founded." Which one would that be, the Russian one or the Australian one?

wallyworldmnSep. 2, 13 8:38 AM

The fact that the big news channels have been turned into nothing but tabloids is why there is an opening for other news sources. I enjoyed Headline news when it first started because it was a way to get a 20 minute synopsis of major events. It was abandoned for sensationalist banter. Fox news tells the "fair and balanced" joke every day. Ha ha, not funny anymore. The fact that Al Jazerra has even gotten an opening is because the corporate money machines have abandoned real news reporting and have substituted lower priced fillers into the time slots. America is polarized and we have allowed the left and right to take over news reporting and replace it with political bully-pulpits. We've left a void and it will be filled by something...

briechersSep. 2, 1310:47 AM

All news needs to be triangulated to try to filter out the biases. Nonetheless, I think it is a little lazy to generalize about Fox. I see Bret Baier, Chris Marshall and Sheppard Smith as objective and talented as anyone in the business. Not only is it lazy to generalize about Fox, I wonder how compelling is someone's argument who says that they watched a show on Fox once and made such a broad conclusion with such absolute certainty about their position? Not very compelling in my opinion.

briechersSep. 2, 1311:55 AM

Chris Wallace...not Chris Marshall


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