Aug. 28: Whistleblower's insider tale from 'Bachmannistan' revives feud

  • Article by: Kevin Diaz , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 6, 2013 - 11:24 PM

Ex-aide’s “Bachmannistan” book details allegations under investigation.

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potter101Aug. 27, 1311:27 PM

All you people that got taken in by this ridiculous liar should make everyone worried about our democracy and how easy it is to pull simple minded people into all direction, including directions that are in the worst interest of this country .With simple minded Ideas and hypocrisy. And the never ending lie from the regressives of wrapping themselves in the bible and the American flag.

zekefaxAug. 28, 1312:20 AM

Wonder why the author used the name "Bachmannistan"? Some of his other comments certainly fall in line with what I've observed from our "Diva" er, representative. Will be interesting to see this book and even more interesting to see if there is any blowback at all on him because of its release. Bottom line seems to be that Ms B is done in politics and that would be wonderful!

canardbusterAug. 28, 13 2:35 AM

Imagine -- telling outright lies either for fame or profit. Why, it's despicable! Uh, who are we talking about again?

comment229Aug. 28, 13 5:26 AM

her spokesman got all the words right; just in the wrong order... "her immense character is despicable"

nessmessAug. 28, 13 5:29 AM

Sounds to me like the "controversial" Florida minister (waldron) is mad that he didn't have a "stockholm syndrom" hold over Bachmann and decided to do what he does best, write a book so he could make a fast buck off the innocent...

kk1959Aug. 28, 13 5:47 AM

I could never understand how she remained in office and actually had supporters. The day she announced she was not running again I felt some hope again for our country.

rms316Aug. 28, 13 5:51 AM

" Being in over her head" is an understatement. This woman took hypocrisy and blatant lies nationally to the American Public. Agree with Potter here in that the road she has been on is in the worst interest of this country.

Willy53Aug. 28, 13 6:12 AM

When Michelle was running for the Stillwater School board the local people that knew her were taken back by her radical religious and political views that were counter productive to supporting our public schools. She was scary then but we recognized it and she was defeated. Her legislative district around Stillwater is also one of the more conservative in the state and there she was to most people just a very conservative politician. As she ran for larger office, the familiarity was not there and she was able to ride the gerrymandered conservative 6th to a majority. I believe Michelle exists in a world of her own making, just as her husband exists in a world that can offer religious counseling to bring gays back from the dark side. Their worlds have no basis in fact, history or actual reality. They actually believe the fantasmagorical stuff that comes out of their mouths. So in a sense , they are trafic figures but in another perspective, their political views are terrifying if brought to legislative fruition.

foneboothAug. 28, 13 6:45 AM

All I can add here is that I am thankful others can see her hypocritical and sorely misdirected attempt to inject her brand of hateful politics into our world. I would hate to be her at this point. I have read politics for 60 years of my life. History does not treat her brand of politics kindly.

josephisAug. 28, 13 6:50 AM

It's also possible that much of what he says in the book is largely true. By the way, the StarTribune had nothing to do with any of this for those of you who think the paper persecutes poor Michelle. It's amazing to me that a campaign that represented itself as being so pure, almost holy, there was all this mud-slinging, pettiness and thievery going on in the background. Do as I say, not as I do seemed to run through her whole campaign.


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