No Minneapolis cops have been disciplined after 439 complaints

  • Article by: Randy Furst , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 28, 2013 - 2:14 PM

Critics say the new police review system is not working well.

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raybeamAug. 27, 1310:28 PM

The off-duty Minneapolis officers didn't just start fights and use racial slurs, they LIED to the local police. Video proves the crime. Besides any internal discipline, where are the criminal charges?

Truckman182Aug. 27, 1310:34 PM

These police men and women risk their lives every single day to protect the citizens of this city. They should be applauded for all they do. I am glad they are out there patrolling the streets for our safety.

honeybooAug. 27, 1310:53 PM

439 - 0. No problem here, people. Nothing to look at, keep moving.

weewillyAug. 27, 1311:02 PM

Why won't the "experts" quoted in the article call it what it is: A whitewash, an artificial process put in place to cover up crimes committed by the police. I think people are afraid to speak openly. Afraid of being branded "liberal," or soft on crime, afraid of being shouted down by the mindless drones who think the police can do no wrong, and finally, afraid of the police themselves. Speak. Up.

tcatheartAug. 27, 1311:09 PM

Do I believe that all 439 complaints were legitimate? No, absolutely not. There are likely many frivolous complaints in that pile. That being said, any reasonable person has to believe that, at a minimum, a handful of those complaints have to be very accurate. It is quite disturbing that not one single officer has been disciplined.

tcatheartAug. 27, 1311:13 PM

@truckman182...You're right, they are out there every day risking their lives and protecting us. However, that does NOT give them the right to commit crimes or take liberties with us citizens. Most police officers in this country are outstanding. But surly a few of those 439 complaints are legit, don't you think? (And you don't think they should really get a pass because they are "risking their lives", do you?)

ruphinaAug. 27, 1311:38 PM

Considering the claims made by people in Mpls about blaming the police when they kill a guy holding a knife to the throat of his ex-girlfriend, yeah all 439 could be bogus. "Police Brutality" comes flying out of perps mouths as soon as a cop shows up- it is literally part of the playbook. Bill G.

pipdipchipAug. 27, 1311:38 PM

Does anyone actually believe this review process isn't corrupt? 439 complaints and no discipline action? Even if we assume 99% of claims were without merit, that would mean 4 claims were. I'm not saying most Minneapolis cops aren't great but there are obviously a few bad apples and they deserve to be disciplined. The citizens that pay for the department will start losing trust, something that is already happening.

mgresistAug. 27, 1311:47 PM

The fact that the city has paid out about $20 million in the past 7 years (if you count the most recent payouts) yet none of the cops who cost the taxpayers so much money have been disciplined speaks volumes. That's why I support the initiative to require police officers to carry their own professional liability insurance, just like doctors, nurses and other professionals. Those cops who are the source of the problem will eventually become uninsurable and thus no longer able to work for us. The city administration has no political will to rid the MPD of bad cops but an insurance company that has to be on the hook for their behavior will be happy to send them packing.

MagicAug. 28, 1312:31 AM

I have a relative who is a Minneapolis Police Officer and he told me the City pays out the majority of these frivolous lawsuits because its cheaper to settle. These "alleged" victims and lawyers know this also.


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