Residents near MSP jam meeting to challenge proposed flight paths

  • Article by: Pat Doyle , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 28, 2013 - 11:45 AM

Worried homeowners quiz FAA official on health, financial effects of proposed landing system.

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Lifeguard06Aug. 27, 13 9:39 PM

quit holding up next gen. You are wasting fuel by making us hold and fly via ground based navaids when GPS nav and traffic avoidance is the future. Faster routings to destinations no more 50 mile arcs because the class B airspace is crowded with arrival and departure traffic and relieve airport traffic

cartoonconnAug. 27, 13 9:48 PM

The most densely populated part of the state will soon have as many flights as they can stack up flying overhead at full volume so airlines can save gas money.

treddleAug. 27, 1310:07 PM

It was really cool to see that many folks out to talk about Noise Pollution. There were so many good questions and statements made by our neighbors that some of us like me didn't have an opportunity at the microphone. It was strange that there were no MDs or Audiologists on the assembled panel because at the end of the day the discussion is about health - hearing health. It is important that Ellison and Paulson know what "too loud" is. The National Institutes of Health state that 75db is the level at which permanent damage to human hearing begins. To set a reference, the applause for Ellison this evening were at 84db and the applause for Paulson this evening were at 81db. At my house on 24th avenue north of Hiawatha golf course the average jet over the past two years is between 85 - 90 db. I have measured jets as loud as 103 db. The flight patterns have changed significantly since I bought this house 20 years ago. It is not just about the airport noise, it is about noise pollution in all forms and origins.

north sub guyAug. 27, 1310:49 PM

once again our government bows down to the rich people in Edina! Quit letting the rich people of one city run the whole Twin Cities! The residents of Inver grove heights and Eagan (the list of cities goes on) have been dealing with the noise for years and no one in Edina cared!! Now we are all supposed to care just because it will affect 50th and France??? Give me a break!

north sub guyAug. 27, 1310:51 PM

@treddle... was the airport at its current location when you bought your house??? Pretty sure the MAC didnt magically move it in the middle of the night! You knew where you were moving! Quit complaining about the noise!

kilofoxAug. 27, 1310:59 PM

You can bark all that you want. If the FAA decides that this is a safe and effective's going to happen. You might as well save your breath.

honeybooAug. 27, 1311:02 PM

The FAA, NTSB and MAC live in mortal fear of Edina. The routes WILL be changed over poorer suburbs. Not even debatable.

aarghmebuckoAug. 27, 1311:29 PM

When I was looking for a home in Minneapolis I purposefully dug up the flight path info to make sure my new home was not in the overfly zone. it did the job pretty well and i had limited noise from planes. But what MAC is proposing now is to move and consolidate many dispersed paths into new super paths where previously there have not been flights. Everyone under these new paths moved in before the proposed flight path changes, so cut these folks some slack.

bord141Aug. 28, 13 5:42 AM

I love how people are fearing the term 'super highway' in the sky. You make it seem that once implemented that magically thousands more flights a day will fly out of MSP. The airport averages around 1300 flights a day in and out. This is no where near the flights in the late 90's when it was around 1500 to 1600. And it was with much louder aircraft (727, DC9, etc). So it boggles my mind to hear people complain even more now. Just another example of how soft our society is becoming. Currently there is one 'route' out of MSP for departures going to destinations south and west. It basically puts the departures over the Crosstown. But due to winds and the human factor, this can vary as much as a mile either side of the Crosstown. With the new RNAV system, the jets will able to precisely fly the route over the Crosstown with much more precision. Also another route will be used as an offload (the one that Edina is up in arms over). This new route serves as an offload to the primary one over the Crosstown. The airport is getting ready to expand. Terminal 2 is set to add another 10 plus gates and soon there after more gates will be added to Terminal 1. More flights will be added. More flights will come as a result. Adding additional departure routes will help the airlines and you get to your destination quicker and more efficiently. Residents that are complaining now had their chance back in the late 90's to move the airport to Hastings but was voted down because people wanted the convience of where it is at now. I truly have zero sympathy for anyone that is complaining now. How narrow minded were you when you purchased your house thinking the airport is a few miles away and flight paths could never change.

Lifeguard06Aug. 28, 13 5:45 AM

For those looking for a house go to your local airport not msp and buy a twin cities sectional map. Anywhere inside the inner 2 rings there will be planes and there will be noise.


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