Minimum wage fight comes to the Minnesota State Fair

  • Article by: Baird Helgeson , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 27, 2013 - 10:58 PM

Labor and faith leaders turn up pressure for $9.50 an hour by 2015.

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patasticAug. 27, 13 9:13 PM

Governor believes that minimum wage should be high enough for a family of 4 to be above poverty level. That would be $11.23 per hour. Don't the people advocating for $9 per hour care about Minnesota families. Shame on these labor and faith leaders! I care. And to show it, I think the minimum wage should be $50 per hour. We'd all be doing good then and the economy would be roaring!

djrieAug. 27, 13 9:16 PM

"Business groups, particularly in the grocery and retail industry, have fought hard against a higher minimum wage. The argument is particularly intense in border communities, where companies are competing against businesses in neighboring states that sometimes have lower taxes and lower prices." Huh? Every state touching Minnesota has a minimum wage equal to the Federal $7.50/hr.

supervon2Aug. 27, 13 9:20 PM

Oh, great. Inflation, round 3. Jimmy Carter days are here again with the same old song "Wages won't create inflation". Here is a really clever idea. Don't take out as much taxes and people will have more to spend.

obviousAug. 27, 13 9:23 PM

I had a guy come to my door trying to push this issue on me ... I asked him, "where would that extra money come from ?" ... He told me from the taxpayers. WRONG!! ... It would make any and every product more expensive due to higher wages to make that product ... WHY can't most of these ppl figure that out ??

daytonsajokeAug. 27, 13 9:27 PM

If the left wants higher wages for workers, then keep illegal immigrants out of the US. They depress wages more than anything. Why do you think big wig GOP doners are for allowing illegals to become citizens? To depress wages.

mshayekAug. 27, 13 9:34 PM

$9.50 an hour? Why not $25? Why not $100? Employers should pay what they believe is in the best interests of their company. Employees should do work where they believe they get their best possible pay and work conditions. If government forces certain wages upon companies, what they may well end up with is not employees making more per hour - but former employees no longer having a job. Let the market work! More entry level jobs will be available - and more opportunities to move up and earn more.

jbpaperAug. 27, 13 9:38 PM

"“I believe the minimum wage should be at a level so that someone working full time can support a family of four above the poverty level and get more skills and more experience,” said Dayton" ------Here's an idea, get those skills and experience before you become a family of four. Oh, that's right, that would involve personal responsibility and we can't have that.

larspoondorkAug. 27, 13 9:42 PM

Same groups that lobby for increased immigration numbers and wonder why flooding the labor market is artificially keeping wages low. If there was a labor shortage wages would skyrocket without government intervention. Just go ask the guys working in North Dakota how the wages are!

badcopperAug. 27, 13 9:49 PM

You're quoting Ryan "uncle Thomas" Winkler?

luckylagerAug. 27, 13 9:57 PM

Do these people have any concept of simple economics? My high school sons both work part time at a local grocery store as bag boys. They are smart enough to realize that if minimum wage is raised, their positions will be eliminated. Businesses will simply make do with less and/or raise prices. Minimum wage jobs are entry level. They are not meant to support families. Let the market prevail.


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