With alcohol ban lifted, Mystic Lake launches three new bars

  • Article by: MICHAEL RIETMULDER , Special to the Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 23, 2013 - 12:24 PM

This month, those limited-selection service counters (which had as much charm as tollbooths) were supplanted by three new gaming-floor bars.

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bigmarAug. 23, 1312:34 PM

Mystic Lake SUCKS - lost over $28K in under 4 months playing Video Poker! Some racket they have going - not once did I hit on anything substantial while playing. Here I thought Video Poker was to be a fair game with decent odds against the house? To lose this much on so called fair machines says it all, this place is rigged to NOT pay out! Yet they have all the money in the world to build bars, golf courses, parking ramps, hotel, additions etc.. Oh and the comps I get are PATHETIC not even a FREE buffet!!!!!

d434478Aug. 23, 1312:40 PM

WHY does anyone participate in this "addiction"? And now they will have liquor to even further take advantage of people. That place is CREEPY...and full of sad people looking for something. Do not get it!

d434478Aug. 23, 1312:42 PM

Losing $28K...get help! Losing is what this is about...and yes...they have a racket going on! Control what you can...and that is one's own self.

bigmarAug. 23, 1312:58 PM

@ d434478 - I played $1.25 a hand 3 hands at a time which is over 6000 hands not including all the pushes and small wins which were put back in play. Fair estimate of 10,000 hands played in total. My point is this out of ALL those hands not once did I hit on anything over $250 and even that amount was ONLY once as far as I can remember. Moral of my story is these games are supposed to be regulated by the state, after crunching the numbers it's obvious the Indians are robbing the public. In years past I've hit $5K royal flushes - not many but yes at least I won. It's obvious no one is winning except a few for publicity. They need to be investigated thoroughly!

realityfirstAug. 23, 13 1:07 PM

How much do the drinks cost? Any free ones?

pipdipchipAug. 23, 13 1:07 PM

I go to Mystic about once every 2 months. It's a fun place to spend a Friday or Saturday night. It's even better now that they allow drinking, in moderation of course. I agree with the video poker comments, they never seem to pay out much but I don't put enough into it to care. Lastly, anyone who thinks the casino is just for older people should hit up Cosmic Bingo on Friday and Saturday nights. The vast majority of the 450 people there nightly are probably 18 to 30 and it's a really fun atmosphere. At only $6 for 3 Bingo cards, it's a small amount of money for a couple of hours of fun with free pop.

bigmarAug. 23, 13 1:12 PM

@ dumbgop - It's not gambling when you dont have a chance at winning! It's more like stealing or renting a video game for several hours receiving nothing in return. Sorry but the time and money spent to walk away with absolutely nothing to me is theft plain and simple. The odds are so stacked against the player that Mystic needs to be investigated. Been to Vegas, Bahamas, Atlantic City, Laughlin, River Boats and many others and have actually won! Mystic is organized crime period!

kenw1952wAug. 23, 13 1:14 PM

And not one cent is paid to the State in the form of any taxes. I wonder how many politicians got their pockets filled with cash to allow this expansion? Kind of funny, the white man stole the land from the Indians and now the Indians are slowly buying taking it all (casinos, hotels, racetracks, liquor, etc.) back....tax free no less.

basia2186Aug. 23, 13 1:27 PM

The state needs to open 3-4 regional casinos with professional mgmt. (not UNION ) offer better odds and force the tax free thieving casinos to play fair or go under. I would gamble more to benefit state needs.

anewdawnAug. 23, 13 2:06 PM

When they made the marketing agreement with Canterbury Park and added alcohol, they were supposed to open a race book at Mystic. Any word on that yet?


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