Officials reconstruct autistic man's circuitous route

  • Article by: RODRIGO ZAMITH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 28, 2008 - 10:23 AM

Burnett County's analysis comes as Keith Kennedy of Shoreview was upgraded from critical to serious at University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview.

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lvanonymousJun. 27, 08 5:57 PM

This man is amazing, he survived a week or so, was near death and naked when found. Hypothermia, ticks, medical conditions that require daily maintenance medication (that he did not have) autism and caretakers that should have been watching him but weren't all conspired against him. He had a loving family and good people assisting on the search. The guys that found him should get medals. The ones that lost him should be dropped off in ANWAR naked for a week.

mn55066Jun. 27, 0811:03 PM

If Kennedy "had been initially spotted southbound on WI-87" why was this information NEVER released during the search? All reports said that no one had seen him. Where did this new information suddenly come from? And, why was he never detected by the infrared instruments that supposidly were used in the air search? Yes, it is great that he was found, but the search sounded like it was inept from the very start and not handled by people who knew what they were doing.

chrsandeJun. 27, 0811:29 PM

And God help those who allowed this special needs man to "wander" off. Imagine leaving your child in the care of others, only to find out that they were not capable. It really saddens me. It may have been unintentional, but to think of how he suffered and will suffer as a result of this trauma is really sickening. WHO can we TRUST? Get well soon young Kennedy.

oggasoggaJun. 28, 0812:04 AM

The caretakers should be real happy they found him alive. Accidents do happen, but don't play with a human life

cuaboriJun. 28, 0812:20 AM

Thank Goodness for 2nd chances. It looks like Kennedy gets one. I am ashamed of the caretakers at the campsite. How could he just "wander off?" Especially when he is so affected by his autism. He needs protection. I will pray for continual recovery for him. He needs a break after the week he has had.

RJRJRJJun. 28, 0812:47 AM

I'm not sure why some people find it unimaginable and unforgivable that a camp participant could wander off. I doubt it was a one-to-one staff ratio, 24/7. Could your child, if you have one, ever wander off? If they know how to open doors, or if they are ever left outside for even a minute without you, the answer is yes. I hope none of you ever experiences something like this, because I don't doubt it could happen to ANYone. Absolutely, concerned parties need to find out what went wrong, so it doesn't happen again, but nothing is helped by heaping blame on people who quite likely are more dedicated than most, or they wouldn't be working at a camp for special-needs adults.

shakopee12Jun. 28, 08 1:27 AM

Having used to work with developmentally disabled people at group homes, I find some of the comments on this forum downright mean toward the camp counselors. No matter how much you may try to watch your clients in their home, it's very easy for one of them to get away. Now imagine being at a camp, a much more open environment. As soon as this man went missing, they immediately began looking for him. Like the above poster said, the people who work in these camps are probably angels. How many other people would do this.

skee0025Jun. 28, 08 4:43 AM

Seeing as how most of you are much more competent then that current camp caretakers I fully expect that you will immeadiatley volunteer your services to ensure that safety of the participants. What, nobody's going... Thats what I thought...

restorJun. 28, 08 5:41 AM

As the father of an autistic child, I know how compassionate and dedicated people must be to work with my son and others like him. As well, it's exhausting. They make our lives liveable. Bless them rather than blame them.

davidrhaasJun. 28, 08 5:51 AM

That either the previous articles omitted that fact (about him being seen on the road) or the paper's reporters neglected to mention that in their previous articles to make for a more interesting story. And as to why the infrared / heat sensors didn't work...It's summer in Wisconsin! They probably got so many heat signatures on that thing from various sources that it (the display) looked like a solid mass of heat. It's not like it was -40 out there and a man's body heat would stand out.


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