Capitol debate triggers show of weapons

  • Article by: Jim Ragsdale , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 20, 2013 - 11:54 PM

Minnesota’s emotional battle over guns heated up with testimony on whether to allow civilians to carry guns to meetings at the Capitol.

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endothermAug. 20, 1310:20 PM

Nobody has a "God-given right" to wear a Glock to a committee meeting at the Capitol. Get a grip people. Use some common sense. If you are part of the "my gun goes everywhere" crowd, your weird behavior is wasting time and money that could be spent better elsewhere.

minn12Aug. 20, 1310:29 PM

For once, the governor is right. You do NOT need to fear the law-abiding permit holders. And just knowing that there may be legally armed citizens there is actually a deterrent. Making the capitol into another gun-free zone would simply invite something to happen. And please, libs, get over your irrational fear and hatred of guns. 150,000 of your fellow Minnesotans carry just about everywhere you go all the time- stores, movie theaters, the malls, and yes, the capitol. With ZERO problems. And shame on the lieutenant governor. As an elected official, it's her job to follow the existing laws, not trash them.

freedumb86Aug. 20, 1311:48 PM

The NRA has sold the American people the greatest and most dangerous hoax in its history.

tituspulloAug. 21, 13 1:47 AM

I tend to immediately knock off I/Q points from anyone that uses the phrase "God given right." That theory is usually proven correct, especially by people who lack enough common sense to know that packing a weapon in a situation like that hurts their cause rather than helps it. All this person has proved is that it should be much tougher for people like him to own a handgun.

jimiekAug. 21, 13 2:01 AM

I got new for you "Minn12"..."Libs" don't hate guns. I grew up with a house full of guns. I am what YOU would call a "Lib". I just think that there should be some common sense as to where guns are appropriate. My view is that you need to get out of your bunker more often and see how the real world works.

nrabadAug. 21, 13 5:35 AM

Insecure, paranoid gun owners that carry in public should not be allowed in any public building. They are just trying to make a statement that they want more power then someone else. The gun is their confidence builder and their identity. As a gun owner myself, this only shows irresponsible gun ownership!

owatonnabillAug. 21, 13 6:21 AM

...and the (wearying) beat goes on. This latest publicity-grab on the part of The-Sky-Is-Falling crowd will suffer the same legislative fate--if it ever even gets to a vote--that the attempt to roll back stand-your-ground suffered a couple of days back in Florida: a legislative vote of better than two to one against the proposals. Politicians may be many things but most of them DO know how to count, and there's an election barely 15 months away. They KNOW that supporting such a proposal is in many cases political suicide. They don't listen to the public weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth of the anti-gun crowd. They listen to the folks back home. Fact of life.

TreetoplevelAug. 21, 13 6:22 AM

I'm not saying we should ban guns. I understand all of the arguments for gun ownership, and at heart I'm fairly libertarian. But I think it's important that gun owners acknowledge honestly that widespread gun ownership changes society, that there are a lot of negatives externalities associated with their individual right to carry a weapon. > I choose not to own a gun, because I would prefer to live in a world where nobody owned one. But I don't want the government to ban them, because I don't want that kind of government. I feel the same way about banning abortions and narcotics. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and respect the rights of your fellow citizen. But think a good long time before you decide to own and carry a gun. Maybe we can make gun ownership like smoking: distasteful amongst polite society, and a practice that is in gradual decline.

owatonnabillAug. 21, 13 6:30 AM

"For once, the governor is right. You do NOT need to fear the law-abiding permit holders. And just knowing that there may be legally armed citizens there is actually a deterrent. Making the capitol into another gun-free zone would simply invite something to happen." .................... Indeed! Owatonnabill recalls when permit-to-carry first went into effect in our fair state. Several businesses (gas stations, pharmacies, liquor stores, etc.) put up those "guns are not allowed on these premises" signs. Many of the signs came down right quick when the merchants realized that THIER business were getting held up and robbed, while those of their brethren who did not post such signs, weren't. Criminals are opportunists. They'll invariably take the path of least resistance. If there's even the slightest risk that they're gonna suffer a perforated hide as a result of this-or-that criminal shenanigan, they'll go someplace else.

ontherecordAug. 21, 13 6:51 AM

A person wearing a gun may feel safer but scores of people around him may very well feel at greater risk. Gun ownership is fine, just keep your guns at home, please. This is not Tombstone a hundred and twenty-five years ago. The gun-toters are all about "ME" and could care less what others may think or feel. That anti-social behavior is what is bad for our society.


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