Minnesota is tops again in ACT results, and more college-ready, too

  • Article by: Anthony Lonetree , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 20, 2013 - 10:33 PM

State’s composite score rises, as does the number of college-ready graduates, but gap widens slightly between white, black students.

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jjsbrwAug. 20, 13 9:24 PM

this is another great opportunity to bash teachers for their obvious shortcomings. MN students are just the MOST college prepared students in the country.

dflleftAug. 20, 13 9:39 PM

PERHAPS the hard core DFL libs can comment on what should be done in the great city of minneapolis with a 43% graduation rate.

farcicalAug. 20, 13 9:42 PM

ALL juniors in Mpls Pub Schools took the ACT last year, including many kids who were probably not going to take it on their own. Subgroup scores remained the same for many, and increased for others. But what is the message so-called eduformers will complain about? The gap. Anything to bash teachers, unions, and public services.

ironman1Aug. 20, 13 9:44 PM

There is a reason MN has a high standard of living and leads the nation in all of the life categories that are important.

gwbuddyAug. 20, 13 9:47 PM

I think that it is important to remember that there are many "Variables" that affect how students perform on tests. Their "Skin Color" shouldn't matter much. Instead, consider things like: Crime in their living areas, Working too much at jobs after school, Classrooms where the teachers spend more time on student discipline than teaching academics, Students having kids to take care of in addition to school work, etc.

jpcooperAug. 20, 1310:04 PM

Where can you see the data? What are the numbers when you remove the kids in the Mpls and St Paul School Districts?

jsimple3Aug. 20, 1310:28 PM

Let's see...minorities score much lower on these tests in MN and far fewer minorities live in MN than in many other states. Is it possible that we take far too much credit for better schools when in fact it may be a factor of demographics? Be curious how an "apples to apples" comparison of kids from similar incomes, family backgrounds, races, etc.. compare.

jimjimjimjimAug. 20, 1310:31 PM

"About 74 percent, or 44,676, of Minnesota graduates took the ACT."

sounds great. How many never graduate?

jimjimjimjimAug. 20, 1310:34 PM

Looks like we need to thank Tim Pawlenty. These kids did not learn everything they know from one year of Dayton being in office. Looks like Pawlenty did a pretty darn good job! Thanks Tim!

comment229Aug. 21, 13 5:09 AM

Are you kidding? Thank Pawlenty? Did you hear him after he left office when he said he would recommend that the money he "borrowed" never be paid back to the schools? And the ACT results were great long before he got into office. Do you want him to take credit for the achievement gap too then? Just checking...


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