Minneapolis cop stops spiked for good reason

  • Article by: BARB JOHNSON
  • Updated: August 20, 2013 - 9:13 AM

The recent story on the number of suspicious-vehicle stops made by Minneapolis police on the North Side failed to focus on some important facts (“Downtown, North Side cop stops jump,” Aug. 14). Most notably, our police are increasing enforcement where there’s the highest incidence of violent crime. Seems to make sense, doesn’t it?

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bluedevil101Aug. 19, 13 7:46 PM

Thanks to Barb Johnson for this update. I am pleased there is some sort of plan for this area to help protect our fellow citizens. I think this should just be the beginning though. Mayoral candidates - do you have thoughts and ideas about how to insure safety there? Mark Dayton?

jbpaperAug. 19, 13 8:56 PM

It seems that this type of article comes up every year or two, it's a no win situation for the cops. If they don't do these increased stops, they are accused of not caring about the North side. If they do the extra stops, they are accused of targeting/profiling the minorities that live in the North side.

One question for those that live on the North side, would you rather be wrongly profiled by the cops or wrongly shot by the criminals?

schiebelAug. 19, 13 9:59 PM

Yea barb, thanks mpls police for doing their job. Bad guys don't like it, leave Minnesota.

supervon2Aug. 19, 1310:00 PM

If there is an election coming up the "leaders" will do anything to buy votes and this is a classic example. Leaders lead, Panderers Pander.

readfactsAug. 20, 1312:39 AM

Drug-prohibition is the primary fuel of all gangs. Amazingly, for 30 years, the same drug-abstinence laws the created and now sustain the gangs....are the same laws used to supposedly dismantle them? Isn't 40 years of the exact same "crackdowns" and "get-tough" tactics that keep repeating themselves enough evidence that they do not work? Is there something else behind the scenes that could be negating the billions of dollars spent, over and over and over again, on unequivocally futile efforts to end gang violence? Could it be that ending prohibition will put an end to prohibition violence?

dfcash55Aug. 20, 13 7:57 AM

Thank you Barb, your tireless efforts to improve the North side have not gone unnoticed!

FrankLAug. 20, 13 8:38 AM

readfacts, we have also been fighting drunken driving for the past 30 (or 100) years. Maybe we should give up on enforcing DWI laws at the same time.

gjacobAug. 20, 13 9:24 AM

Regardless of intent, stopping people for being suspicious screams of 4th amendment violations. Enforce the laws and bring law-breakers to justice. Searching those Police feel are "suspicious" is based on nothing more than their own biases and sterotypes.

JestmanAug. 20, 1310:38 AM

I was followed all the way home to my house one night from work. MPD followed me for a good mile, and when I pulled up to my house, I asked if there was a problem. The gals said no, just making sure you were what came up when we ran the plate. Turns out that my car was a model that had been on the hot sheet for stolen cars. If you're in public, there's no privacy. Been pulled over way to many times. They have a right to stop whomever they choose.

gearrunrAug. 20, 1312:48 PM

"readfacts, we have also been fighting drunken driving for the past 30 (or 100) years. Maybe we should give up on enforcing DWI laws at the same time." --- Brilliant! Or, we could make alcohol illegal too. I hear they did that once with great success.


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