Peterson will rejoin Vikings offense against 49ers

  • Article by: Mark Craig , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 18, 2013 - 9:08 PM


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cdwild26Aug. 18, 13 8:24 PM

We've won 1 playoff game in the 7 years A.P. has been here and that was with a Hall of Fame QB having an MVP caliber season, and Spielman thinks all we need is a game managing QB. That makes sense right?

bruisedupAug. 18, 13 9:32 PM

The offense of the Vikings was not built around a quarterback. It was built around a running back. The Vikings have looked for strong run blockers on the offensive line. Pass blocking is what we want them to do now. Since Peterson came to the Vikings there have been tight ends and even wide receivers playing for the Vikings whose biggest job was to run block. Outside of Peterson and maybe Gerhart the other running backs are expected to run block. Undrafted rookie full back, Zach Line, recently caught a short pass and ran for 60 yards for a touchdown in a preseason game. What did Frazier say? He said that if Line was going to make the team he was going to need to be a good run blocker. Even the offensive coordinator was likely chosen because we wanted an offensive coordinator that was a run first game managing type of coordinator. With all of this going on since Peterson has been here should we be shocked to see the coaches want Ponder to just manage the offense? The Vikings are who we thought they were.

UncadotAug. 18, 1310:18 PM

I really wish they wouldn't out him in there. There are only two things that can happen and both of them are bad! He didn't play a down in last years preseason and all he did was become mvp. Just take a look at Miami's Dustin Keller. He has a season, if not career ending injury in a game that means absolutely nothing! I sure hope Frazier rethinks this move and forgets about putting AD in there!

kfanvikeAug. 19, 13 1:07 AM

As if we didn't know it before, this is a terrible coaching staff. I watched many of the preseaon games on the NFL Network this weekend, as many of you did - how many teams looked more ill prepared than this one? Not that preseason wins matter, but the 49ers will destroy the Vikings next weekend. A final point - a comment was made that this team is built around the running back. No. The running back happens to be one of the best ever to play, but that just happened - no one knew at the time AD was drafted just how good he'd be. If the suggestion here is that the qb and other positions on offense can or should be let slide *since the team is built around the running back* and run blocking offensive line - that of course is idiotic. Do you rest on your laurels with a great running back and good run blockers in front of him in a passing league, or do you address the quarterback position - and other really important positions on offense? Other teams have great backs (not as great, but several close) AND quarterbacks. AND receivers. AND offensive coordinators. AND head coaches. Shouldn't this team strive to do the same? Duhhh... The best RB cannot and never has historically compensated for NO quarterback, and this one is being babied like a slowly developing child undergoing speech therapy. Too many games - indeed, seasons thrown away on babying mentally ill-equipped quarterbacks here in NO championships land.

purplewvAug. 19, 13 7:02 AM

In '98 we had the highest scoring team in the league history, and didn't make the Super Bowl. We had a hall of fame QB, and one of the greatest Defenses ever, and lost 4 out of 4 Super Bowls [Ok one was with Joe Kapp]. Teams like the 15-0 Patriots lost to the Giants. Teams without great QB's like Chicago, Tampa Bay, Baltimore[1st Super Bowl], Washington, etc.. Won Super Bowls. The point is that you can have the best team, with the best players at all the skill positions, and still come up short. You can have a team that backs into a wildcard spot, gets on a run, and wins the superbowl. We are 2 games into the pre season. The "Starters" have hardly played at all. Pre season is for building a 53 man roster. This is more important than trying to win every game. Give Ponder a 4 game shot at being productive. If he fails, bring in Cassell. Isn't that why he is here ? People don't give yourselves a heart attack so early in the pre season. GO VIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bwendorffAug. 19, 1310:43 AM

Pruplewv, nicely stated. kfanvike I am sorry to say you are a prototypical MN fan. You scream how you want your QB of the future, but honestly don't have the patience for it. The year Ponder was drafted, the MN faithful were demanding we draft a QB, when that happend, they call in hindsight how we reached for him. I love how you state that a team needs all these top notch positions filled. I guess that means that there are 31 teams ahead of us that have all those issues covered. Remember people, at the end of the season there is only 1, mark them 1 Super Bowl Champ. That is the beauty of football. You have 16 games with no best of anything to get it done. Hopefully it works out, but when it is all said and done, the likelyhood is that it wont. In the meantime enjoy the ride. You have a team here that has talent with a QB that has potential. The problem is most MN fans don't have the patience to see that. Heck it wasn't that many years ago that the Steelers rode Cordell Stewert for 9 years! I'm not saying we have to be that patient, but lets give the kid and the offense an honest chance.

vlombardyAug. 19, 13 1:19 PM

It will be fun to watch A.P. run around, through and over the opponents this year. I've always admired a good running game; problem is, it's not how you win in the NFL today.

moretaxesnowAug. 19, 13 3:01 PM

When will Christian Ponder join the offense? We've been waiting for 2 years now.

bruisedupAug. 20, 1312:39 AM

kfanvike: When a running back is as good as Adrian Peterson it becomes a logical turn of events that you start making sure you have players in place that can block for him. It would be the same type of situation if you had a great quarterback. You would make sure that you got him the protection and receivers he needed to be successful. It's called "building around" a player. To not be able to observe that the Vikings offense has been built around a running back by the name of Adrian Peterson is to be ignoring the obvious. One other thing I might need to mention here is that there is no true Vikings fan on the face of the earth that doesn't want the Vikings to develop a passing game. To suggest that there is even one Vikings fan that thinks the Vikings "can or should be let slide" with just a running game is giving about as little credit to that Vikings fan as you could possibly give. It's about as little credit as you managed to give to the Vikings coaching staff. Maybe it's time for you to jump on the bandwagon of a team that has a developed offense with an established quarterback.

callsaulAug. 20, 1311:36 AM

Any coaching staff that can get their team to make the playoffs with Ponder at the helm is pretty good. Having said that playing Peterson in the pre-season is pointless and stupid.

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