Despite complaints, Lake Minnetonka's Cruiser's Cove still a warm-weather hot spot

  • Article by: Kelly Smith , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 17, 2013 - 10:30 PM

Cruiser’s Cove — on Lake Minnetonka – has long been known as a great place for a good time, even after a death there. But some complain that revelers still go overboard.

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orono77Aug. 18, 13 8:31 AM

The citation number listed for 2013 tells an important story the author ignores: the Hennepin County Sheriff is issuing fewer citations (As noted this stat is through June but the figure is lower than normal for the time period.). My observation has Ben that they're talking about enforcement but ignoring more violations than in past years. They could and should improve. As for those quoted complaining about trying to sell property on Big Island I can only laugh. The problem existed when they bought, to assume it would disappear when they wanted to sell is absurd.

Diogenes9Aug. 18, 1311:28 AM

If the LMCD passed an ordinance banning boat anchoring within 300 feet of the shoreline, that would help.

asdubiakAug. 18, 1311:48 AM

It been not a real nice summer weather wise so once who expect that citations would be down. Last summer we had over 30 days in the ninties. This year I think it is 8 so far.

formergopAug. 18, 1312:11 PM

Lake Minnetonka is so over law enforced it's not any fun any more. The sheriffs drive right by your boats to see if they can see you drinking. That's why citations are down. The sheriffs pull you over for any reason they can.

beaver88Aug. 18, 1312:36 PM

Diogenes9, Why would you want to take away Big Island (nobody out here calls it cruisers cove, only the media)? I don't like parades and they should never shut down a street for a parade, plus they're loud, and the kids...those noisy obnoxious kids.

duck2013Aug. 18, 13 1:04 PM

You can tell there is little diversity in these lake gatherings by the lack of shootings such as there are after rap concerts or in North Minneapolis every night. I can't imagine living near here and having to look out at a bunch of drunken slobs every weekend urinating in the water. There is something about boats that brings out the drunken stupidity of men and women more than being on land. For example, a number of producers of adult videos like to film at party boat locations at Lake Havasu and in Party Cove in Missouri. Why? Because they can find enough idiots to engage in stupid or sexual conduct to make their videos. It sounds like this spot in Lake Minnetonka is similar.

george13Aug. 18, 13 1:49 PM

There is no such thing as "over law enforced". The police wouldn't be there if people knew how to behave. Remember, if you can't control yourself someone will do it for you.

crj333Aug. 18, 13 2:23 PM

The incident referred to where boats were hesitant to move out of the way for water patrol is indicative of the wisdom of the nearby boaters. If there is a person missing in the water, the last thing you need is several propellers spinning nearby. How would they feel if the individual surfaced only to be put through a blender, which is what a spinning prop imitates.

marcus100254Aug. 18, 13 4:12 PM

@223pm, your point about propellers is well made, however, I can't quite connect these words with the word wisdom; boats, water, people, alcohol...

badcopperAug. 18, 13 6:02 PM

Nine of ten boaters leaving big island could be pulled over for a BWI


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