Future isn't on the mind of Twins manager

  • Article by: La VELLE E. NEAL III , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 17, 2013 - 1:37 AM

Ron Gardenhire appears to be enjoying himself despite the uncertainty over his job status.

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radchadsterAug. 16, 13 9:45 PM

Why should he be anything but? He has done the best he can with what the hand of Ryan has dealt him!! He's a good coach getting the best he can with a subpar lineup!

fdrebinAug. 16, 1310:20 PM

Gardenhire has failed with good teams, and he has not surpassed expectations with bad teams. Good bye.

elcerritoAug. 16, 1310:36 PM

First of all, he's a manager, not a "coach". Second of all, his teams give up on him. They continually quit on him at some point during the season...see 2010, 2011, and 2012. Think he's a good "coach"? Ever listened to one of his post game press conferences? In any other market, he would have been fired long before now.

downsideupAug. 16, 1311:37 PM

Or....mr Gardenhire, who hs spent his life in baseball, knows what he is dealing with; guys who are playing to the best of their ability, and won't be savaged for being untalented, but will be savaged for showing off, or wasting ability. It's called professionalism. There is a reason most managers are crusty old guys. They tone down the punks who don't get it. The punks get it or get run out.

twinsfanwy1Aug. 17, 1312:07 AM

The Twins say they have experienced a 15% drop in attendance from last year. And this is the third losing season in a row. The Twins have also expressed "worry" that IF they bring Gardy back, and the team fails again, attendance will really plummet. I agree with that assessment. Gardy has underachieved with superior talent and great teams. And Gardy's not been able to win much at all with younger, inexpoerienced teams. Gardy's not proven himself as a great, or even good teacher of young players. And he's not worked well with numerous veterans-especially free-agent signees. No, its time to jettison Gardy out the door. Just like Gardy booted guys like Ortiz, Lohse, Hardy, Hudson, Young, Bartlett, Garza...and the list goes on. Nothing personal against Gardy-but times up-time to go.

hobie2Aug. 17, 13 3:04 AM

When a fair number of your discarded players go to another team and then show up on all-star teams, I wonder if the Twins ever consider the possibility that the problem of poor performance is not the players but rather the management.

manoliveAug. 17, 13 3:23 AM

There's a reason a manager has a won loss record, and gardy's record is a direct reflection on him. How exactly do you sit there and let your reliever blow a 4 run lead? Gardy is famous for leaving pitchers in too long. And his only strategy appears to be to swing away, with the occasional hit and run. No bunting, no stealing, no aggression or excitement. Just a dull, lifeless , boring brand of blah baseball. I think it's time for a switch.

rms316Aug. 17, 13 6:10 AM

Gardy has some Kelly traits in him but doesn't handle pitchers nearly as well as Kelly did. But like Kelly, if Gardy doesn't like you you're out. And by the way, it was Kelly who demanded Ortiz hit for something other than power, not Gardy. Sometimes, it's just time for new blood. Here, it's time for Gardy to move on.

transplantedAug. 17, 13 7:09 AM

His future isn't on his mind? Well it sure should be. If he can't see the writing on the wall, if he can't take accountabiity for not getting good results, not developing players, not recognizing talent, and running this team like it's his own personal little fiefdom, then he's not smart enough to realize that his future is in serious jeopardy around here. As Bob Dylan said, 'you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.'

downsideupAug. 17, 13 8:10 AM

Twinsfanwy1: Gardenhire didn't boot any of the players mentioned and Ortiz was not picked up by any other team in baseball when he was released, and he only started to succeed when he miraculously got freakishly large at the age of 27. And Delmon Young? He just got cut by the Phillies after going unclaimed by every other team in baseball. Why? He is not a Very good baseball player. And Gardenhire is on record saying he didn't want Bartlet traded for....Delmon Young. And Bartlett was also part of that trade. Nice try though.


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