What Minnesota's one-party rule has wrought

  • Article by: Bob Barrett
  • Updated: August 19, 2013 - 7:02 AM

This is the year hardworking taxpayers found out what one-party control of Minnesota government looks like. It isn’t Shangri-La. More like Detroit.

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hobie2Aug. 18, 13 6:57 PM

Get a grip - an increase from paying $50 a year in taxes to $100 a year is a 100% increase... but that is a meaningless and dishonest stat because if everyone else paid $150 a year and we increased to get closer to everyone else, we still pay less than everyone else... Besides... who care what Mississippi or Texas pays in taxes?... For those GOP who are math challenged - it is not the percentage of increase, nor what debt-saddled Texas pays while leaving out what it borrows, it is 1) how much we pay for 2) what we get... here.

pumiceAug. 18, 13 7:50 PM

From the article: "Considering the net increase in all taxes, Dayton and his DFL Legislature earned the silver medal in the 2013 Tax Olympics — beaten only by … Michigan.... How did this happen? It happened because of one-party control of state government." Is that how it happened in Michigan, too, Rep. Barrett? in North Carolina? in Texas? in South Dakota? in Virginia? in Arizona? in Indiana? in Wisconsin? in Missouri? in Kansas? in Alabama? in Idaho? Or do you object less when states with one-party rule pass anti-labor and anti-woman and anti-voting rights laws?

badcopperAug. 18, 13 8:02 PM

We have become a state where individuals are incapable of solving their own problems. We step back, wide eyed and mouth agape wondering who will take care off us. My gawd have we become a pathetic lot.

badgerstaterAug. 18, 13 8:29 PM

Ah Wisconsin! Republicans taking a Democrat $3.6 billion deficit to a surplus. Cutting taxes. Repairing a Democrat governor's shady raiding funds to cook his books. Dealing with a Democrat $2 billion tax hike passed in the middle of the night with no public input allowed. Moving the state way up in rakings of best states to do business. And, best of all, giving workers a "choice" (Democrats love choice don't they?) to be in a union or not while, at the same time, asking union workers to contribute more to their retirement and health insurance like the rest of us do. Now if we could get voter I.D. which is required of all citizens for many things, and asking women to reconsider before ending the innocent and beautiful life of the unborn.

diogenesnyAug. 18, 13 8:58 PM

You failed to mention that Michigan, which won your "gold medal" is GOP-run.

oatka01Aug. 18, 13 9:53 PM

It won’t make any difference to the unreconstructed liberals in Minneapolis and St. Paul, of course, but the dupes in outstate Minnesota who replaced Republicans with Democrat legislators in 2012 may see clearly enough to reverse their folly in 2014 and get the legislature back into the hands of responsible adults.

twspt7Aug. 18, 13 9:56 PM

Let's see, the states financial outlook is much brighter, the books balance for the first time in over 8 years, state employment is up: yup, we're just like Detriot.

cstoney48Aug. 18, 1310:02 PM

badcopper said: "We have become a state where individuals are incapable of solving their own problems..." Perhaps the critics should move to a state that just doesn't care about its citizens, their problems and provides minimal services--say Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana. Texas, despite its chauvinism, is near dead last in most social services--including health care. Only the other three save it from the bottom. Lots of choices for all the rugged individualists out there!! As the Right is so quick to advise--vote with your feet.

hermajestyAug. 18, 1310:04 PM

oatka01: Nor "Democrat legislators" but "Democratic legislators." Noun versus adjective. And nice going referring to out-state voters as "dupes." That's the way to win friends and influence people.

jpcooperAug. 18, 1310:27 PM

$2.1 Billion in tax increases on 20% of the population! All so we can give it back to Mpls and St Paul in the form of LGA and spin it as "YOUR" property taxes will not increase! Nice shell game!


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