Pity the Pohlads! Pity the Wilfs!

  • Article by: Jason Lewis
  • Updated: August 17, 2013 - 5:44 PM

The Pohlads get a tax bill and the Wilfs get a judge’s slap, but we’re still the saps.

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jdlellis1Aug. 17, 13 5:46 PM

The reality is that the business model for professional sports is broken. Yet people believe this stuff is important (e.g. Adults wearing an Adrianne Peterson jersey, etc.). No reason to finger point at the owners for requesting government funds, if they can convince legislators and citizens, they are good sales people and should be rewarded. As Jason eludes to blame the Governor, state and local politicians and most of all, blame the fans [fanatics] who honestly think this stuff is important. Ask, "If the Saints, Timberwolves, Twins, Vikings or Wild were not here, how would it negatively impact your life?" Life is not a spectator sport!

drudgemonkeyAug. 17, 13 7:03 PM

One point. 2.5 M is really good attendance. The last year at the Metrodome, people were buying season tickets for seat preference at Target Field the next year, inflating the numbers. Many years the Dome had 1.8M or less in attendance. Low was 858K. So that's a bad comparison, Jason.

pitythefoolsAug. 17, 13 7:16 PM

Somehow I don't think the 1% are going to get much pity. Especially a convicted criminal isn't going to get much Pity.

erikj3Aug. 17, 13 7:42 PM

I wouldn't mind paying for a stadium so much if there was one of them altogether, built to last decades (I'm talking 50, 60 years). I do mind when each and every team has to have a brand new stadium built just for them, at enormous public cost for each and every one, seemingly every 20 or 30 years. Why do we put up with this, especially when the vast majority of even fans don't ever attend a single game? Why do we take money that could be used for services and programs everyone can use and have access to, and give them to millionaires and billionaires? This madness has to stop.

davehougAug. 17, 13 9:20 PM

SHEESH, gotta think there are better uses of the general fund.

kinnickAug. 17, 13 9:47 PM

How about a march on the Capital to Dayton's office and please no grown ups with Viking jerseys!Let's put an end to this sham now!

walterwhiteAug. 18, 1312:20 AM

Exactly! Yet every time anybody suggests not increasing the budget we are accused of hating cops, firefighters, teachers and children. Our politicians have quit taking caring of the boring yet critical things government is responsible for (aren't the sewers falling apart? Who wants their picture taken with a sewer?). Instead spend that money on what they perceive to be the cool, trendy stuff. And who can afford to be a fan of pro sports anymore? I can't even justify the cable bill much less the over priced tickets.

comment229Aug. 18, 13 5:17 AM

I just don't like the idea that the average family of four probably cannot or should not spend the money to attend one game. I know for a fact I will never ever see the inside of that stadium if/when it is built unless I am on a free tour. Pardon me if I am unenthused about the vikings this year or from now on. From what I have seen of the team on TV so far, they seem unenthused.

brainerdguyAug. 18, 13 7:38 AM

"please, no grown ups with Viking jerseys" ~ ~ There is no such thing as a "grownup" with a Viking jersey!!!

reidAug. 18, 13 8:05 AM

The hard thing to so, in some people's eyes, but the correct thing to do, is to pull the wheels off this thing now. If it is such a screwed up mess already (financing, not just that we had crooks picking our pockets and carting private jet loads of money back East rather than it staying here) you can only imagine the cost overruns that will happen during the construction. Enough money has been spent already. Once the project becomes a hole in the ground there will be NO stopping it to look to see if the taxpayers can be fleeced for more, they WILL be fleeced for more since one can't let a huge partially constructed concrete thing sit there as an eyesore. No damage has been done to the Dome. Nor has any huge amount of infrastructure been started. Pull back, take a breath. Re-examine and then proceed IF and only if it makes sense in today's climate. The big paychecks for the superstar druggies may come to an end, and then the team owners and NFL will have more money to spend on their sandboxes rather than trying to get us to foot the bill. Isn't there a federal or maybe its a state Lemon Law. You get three days to back out of a car or house signing if you have changed your mind. Maybe the taxpayers (a march on the statehouse might not be such a bad idea) need to say we ain't coughing up the cash for this one, guys. As was pointed out earlier, where are the cheats going to go with a poorly performing team and their criminal shenanigans if they think they're leaving? If this dates back a couple decades, think how much more the Wilfs have learned and polished their song and dance to allow them to be even better at screwing their business partners?


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