Jesse Jackson Jr. sentence too light

  • Article by: John Kass , Chicago Tribune
  • Updated: August 17, 2013 - 12:34 PM

The Chicago political couple got a fraction of the prison time their crimes called for. See if it works that way for you.

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borisbadenovAug. 16, 13 6:25 PM

He is a democrat. What do you expect? He was re-elected even though he had disappeared, had not been seen in his district for 5 months and did no campaigning. He will be re-elected when he is out of prison or perhaps while he is still in prison.

endothermAug. 16, 13 7:04 PM

Jackson is a fool and he deserves to go to prison for his greedy and abusive misuse of campaign funds. That said, this editorial is weirdly hostile. It could have made the same point without all of the sarcasm and name calling. I am also not sure it makes sense for tax payers to fund extra prison time for Jackson. Is it worth it?

pumiceAug. 16, 13 7:40 PM

From the article: "The Chicago political couple got a fraction of the prison time their crimes called for. See if it works that way for you." How it works for anyone depends on the crime s/he commits--if "you" gamble on Wall Street and commit a white collar crime, for example, the chances of being charged with a crime are minimal. If "you" commit an equally nonviolent crime, you qualify for mandatory minimum sentences (no sentencing discretion for judges) and three strikes (automatic 25-years-to-life sentences for repeat offenders regardless of the offense) and truth-in-sentencing (removes parole option), and you will get a longer sentence than the Chicago political couple. If "you" commit a violent crime--much like if you commit a white collar crime--the amount of prison time correlates with the quality of defense you can buy.

jarlmnAug. 16, 13 8:44 PM

Oh goody, he'll be out of the slammer in time for President Hillary Clinton to appoint him to lead the Department Of Justice!

luzhishenAug. 16, 13 8:58 PM

The weird tone of the editorial detracted from its merits. I am still waiting to see jail time for the Wall Street banksters.

dewarfAug. 16, 1311:15 PM

And Minneapolis wants to emulate Chicago-style politics? Jesse and Barack are clearly the idols of our DFLers. They're setting the bar pretty high, aren't they?

unsinnAug. 17, 13 8:02 AM

I'd love to know how much money he paid for his legal defense, and who paid for it. I suspect it was funded by other interested parties, and not by the Jacksons.

jdlellis1Aug. 17, 13 9:47 AM

The sad part of this is that if Mr. Jackson were to run again for his seat, let's say against Mitt Romney, who has led a pretty clean life personally, (e.g., personally, publicly and privately), Mr. Jackson would win.

mrdurdenumdAug. 17, 13 1:50 PM

That's funny luzhishen, I'm waiting to see Jon Corzine, donation bundler for Obama, get cuffed for stealing billions of investor-dollars.

kilofoxAug. 17, 13 2:54 PM

Is there any rule against him from running for Congress in prison? The left would be dumb enough to vote for him again. Wait..what..that's right they elected him again while under indictment.


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