MLB goes all in on instant replay

  • Article by: PHIL MILLER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 16, 2013 - 11:57 AM

A historic proposal will be a game-changer starting next season for a sport steeped in tradition.

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manoliveAug. 15, 1311:34 PM

While they're at it, they may as well have a judge in the booth call balls and strikes. The umps get so many wrong, its ubelievable. Fox Trac makes it easy to see. In fact, just have the ump take a seat near the bench, give him a TV, and have him call balls and strikes right 100% of the time. Just like football, with its mundane rules about what can and can't be challenged, baseball guarantees they will never get it right 100 % of the time. If it's wrong, it's wrong, and you shouldn't limit how many times a team gets to correct a blown call. Do like Gardy says and have a guy in the booth call down to the field when he sees a blown call, or a blown strike or ball.

brotherddayAug. 16, 1312:15 AM

They really want to ruin the game. They have all but lost me, a die hard fan for fifty years. Let's just get rid of the umps, and have the computers call the games. Yeah, that's the ticket.

manoliveAug. 16, 1310:48 AM

Let's not have the players play, either. Just have a giant video game playing on the jumbotron.

ericgus55Aug. 16, 1312:39 PM

The devil will lie in the details. As long as it's limited to boundary calls (fair, foul, home rune), leaving early on tag-ups, catch/trap, and safe/out calls, I'm OK with it. If it were to include ball/strike or checked-swing calls, then no way. I also like that it's limited to three per team and there doesn't seem to allow for endless umpire-prompted reviews (like the NFL in the last two minutes of halves). Last night during the Twins game and on ESPN's crawl, it was referred to as "all-encompassing," which truly scared me because that would include the things which are too subjective to review.

gowcatsAug. 17, 13 2:52 AM

It is always a challenge to argue against "getting it right." But I do think that has not been really thought through. My biggest concern is that it will obviously lengthen the time to play the game. Assume that on average 1)a challenge requires a minimum of five minutes from initiation to conclusion and 2) only 4 of the allowed 6 are used in a game, that adds 20 minutes to the time, and I believe that is very conservative estimate, an even bigger concern is to.the flow of the game, the challenges are essentially "time outs" that a manager can use as they see fit. A manager could use his challenges, even on obvious calls, to disrupt the pitcher's flow by forcing delays in the game, perhaps use two in a row? As far as I can see they is no downside risk or penalty from using a challenge even for calls that were obviously correct.

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