No bull: Canterbury Park won't host bull running event in 2014

  • Article by: Pat Pheifer , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 15, 2013 - 10:23 PM

The company holding a series of runs nationwide hopes to find a different venue after safety concerns caused the racetrack to back out.

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segavinAug. 15, 1312:07 PM

It's a shame that the board at Canterbury has such a low tolerance for risk or fun. I sure hope someone else agrees to host this event - I will be there when they do. God knows we could use some excitement around here.

lolorocksAug. 15, 1312:38 PM

Never could quite understand anyone who would do this, other than pure stupidity. You want some excitement in your life try some whitewater kayaking or fly down Lutsen on your mountain bike or go skiing or how about you go run around on I35 during rush hour if running with bulls is more your style.

metaltesterAug. 15, 1312:50 PM

I ran the San Fermin in Pamplona back in July 14th, 2005. Everyone survived, its not that dangerous. But you do have to understand exactly what you are doing. The Spanish officials will throw out anyone from running that they don't think should do it (with no questions asked). But, it is Spain's thing...I mean, didn't we already steal the tomato fight idea from them one year? We need to come up with our own things to do.

StansgirlAug. 15, 13 1:15 PM

My faith is temporarily restored in humanity.

djigooAug. 15, 13 1:36 PM

Great news! Minnesota is better than this.

KKientzleAug. 15, 13 2:23 PM

The humans get the choice to be stupid, the poor bull has no choice. It's ugly, have we really sunk this low that we are bringing it here?

yargadAug. 15, 13 2:46 PM

Good first step. Now 86 the ostrich and camel races and get back to being a horse track with a great family atmosphere, as opposed to a theme park with horse racing.

citypersonAug. 15, 13 3:12 PM

No, liability has nothing to do with it. Canterbury knew there would be risks and can purchase insurance. It is the sudden groundswell of support to stop the bull run that made Canterbury change its mind. There would have been massive protests and boycott campaigns against the bull run. It's bad enough they allow for trainers to abuse horses, and they have ostrich races, but no way were these bulls going to run without a significant and massive outcry on display the entire country would have witnessed.

TerrianneAug. 15, 13 3:45 PM

Minnesota Nice. The article says only a little over 120 killed in its history. How about many bulls had to be slaughtered. People don't attend these things to see if the bulls win. Common decency prohibits this.

msantoinetteAug. 15, 13 4:31 PM

This event is not appropriate anywhere. I am glad that the board at Canterbury Park smartened up. After following the tragedy at the Dakota County Fair I so hoped that this would happen. The only problem is that these monsters are looking for another venue. It's not over. Yet.


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