Thousands of Morsi's supporters take to streets in Egypt as fears grow of more violence

  • Article by: Associated Press
  • Updated: August 16, 2013 - 6:45 AM

CAIRO — Thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters have taken to the streets in several Cairo neighborhoods and elsewhere in Egypt in defiance of the military-imposed state of emergency.

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tmauelAug. 15, 13 1:37 PM

Why is the U.S. giving military assistance to this murderous military dictatorship which seized power in a coup? This is in violation of a law passed by congress.

sage62Aug. 15, 13 2:07 PM

And remember, The Muslim Brotherhood are our friends. The Egyptian military is just taking care of business.

peoplewatchrAug. 15, 13 2:44 PM

tmauel - because the Obama administration refuses to call what happened a coup so we keep giving them billions. The only foreign policy that this administration has is no policy at all.

beaver88Aug. 15, 13 2:50 PM

The US has absolutely no muslim friends - the ones we think we have, have hidden motives.

cabramsAug. 15, 13 2:56 PM

Sooooo, deadly force had not been in use yet? Seems both sides are using it. You don't end up with nearly 50 dead policemen in a peaceful protest.

cman2500Aug. 15, 13 3:13 PM

It really is disturbing watching US foreign policy unfold. We went to war in Libya, because Qaddafi was killing his own people. We did nothing in Syria and the slaughter has been 100 times worse. We wouldn't call the overthrow of Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi a coup and we haven't cut their Military aid ? And now the military has massacred hundreds maybe even thousands. And near silence from thi...s Administration and the same for Bahrain protest and killings of their own people and silence. And now we are starting to ramp up the war in Yemen because of the so called boogie man cave people Al- Qaeda threat. I though Al- Qaeda was on the run and no longer a threat ? I thought Bush was incompetent but at least you knew were he stood. These people in the White house are beyond incompetent. I do agree we should stay out of these conflicts but are foes and allies have no idea where we stand on anything. Land of confusion comes to mind.

alansonAug. 15, 13 4:37 PM

Egypt should have waited for the next election, and changed the government through democratic process. Is the situation now really better than before the military coup? It will be years (if ever) before Egypt can hold elections without banning the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters from voting. The military government will likely be in place for the better part of the next decade. This is a bad outcome that could have been avoided by patience and faith in democracy.

petepelosiAug. 15, 13 6:48 PM

Obama is so much smarter than the rest of us. Thats why he continues to give these people a billion tax dollars annually. Has this moron done anything right? No, he hasnt.

sausageAug. 15, 13 7:49 PM

This is the business of the egyptian people and the USA should stay out of it. How would the revolutionaries in this country have liked it if a foreign entity would have interfered during the founding of our country. I wish them well in the beginnings of their struggle.

brotherkennyAug. 15, 13 8:00 PM

cman2500: We think only of the oil and care not for the people. That is where we stand. This was Bush's view and this is Obama's view now. Pretending like there is some great difference is disingenuous. We live in a country where major corporations call the shots. The difference between the democrats and republicans is only in the style with which government sticks it's nose into the private affairs of the citizens. Okay, so sure, with Bush we would have spent an additional couple of trillion on military intervention. So, come to think of it, I'd say on the wasted money to protect the oil industry aspect, were better off with Obama. Okay, and there's that gay right's thing (about time). Well, too, the affordable care act, which admittedly, needs to play out a bit before we'll really have any data to correctly judge, but if done as single payer would have been much better, and of course we haven't had any failed major industries to bail out lately, or a major terrorist attacks, but yes, pretty much the same manure sandwich as we were forced to eat under Bush.


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