St. Paul officials and residents concerned about East Side crime

  • Article by: Nicole Norfleet , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 15, 2013 - 12:23 AM

Meetings follow a recent shooting and a nearly fatal beating in St. Paul.

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bluedevil101Aug. 14, 13 9:45 PM

As someone who worked on the East side for five years I am pleased to read that the Police and Mr. Bostrom have an idea as to what should be done to quell the trouble. This puts them miles ahead of the other side of the river. I hope both the Council and Police in St. Paul are in it for the long term. The winter will help, but summer returns most years in Minnesota--and so will the challenges. Congrats to the SPPD for taking some leadership on keeping things under control.

foneboothAug. 14, 1310:02 PM

So...these kids are out on the streets. Where are their parents? Why aren't they demanding an accounting from their children? Time for them to ante up...

btaleenAug. 14, 1310:06 PM

Is the National Guard needed to walk the streets until winter?

jload027Aug. 14, 1310:06 PM

I think it is true that some of these kids don't have enough to do and not all that many resources. One the other hand, the 'parents' are just letting the kid walk out the door and do their thing all night long, rather than taking an interest in bettering their kids' lives and keeping them out of trouble. I think the threat of getting your kid thrown into the slammer may be one of the only things that gets people's attention.

dornaldAug. 14, 1310:32 PM

I've lived in Minneapolis for most of my adult life. I was born and raised in St. Paul and left because of the segregation and racism that occurs. What I experienced recently while passively driving through the East Side is 100 times worse than anything I've experienced in Minneapolis. North Side or South Side.It was scarier than East St. Louis or Oakland California. We have a major problem on our hands and the SPPD is in NO WAY ahead of anybody in terms of dealing with this issue.

ben706Aug. 14, 1310:38 PM

I lived two blocks from the recent beating incident from 1996 until 2005. I saw, from my property, people shot, stabbed, and beaten. One evening, I witnessed a young man start a fire on the boulevard near Minnehaha Ave. The police later told me he was burning a cat. The police were always stepping up their efforts and always did a fantastic job. But, it sounds like little has changed since I have left. The police can only do so much. Sadly, that part of the East Side is home to many injured and damaged souls. I still have a lot of love for the East Side.....hope it get's better someday.

bwikAug. 14, 1311:31 PM

A policy idea. Cut city & county taxes down to 50% in that area for a period of 20 years. At the same time, cut welfare payments by 50% in that same area for 20 years. The current policy is perfectly designed to produce more gun battles and more broken families over the next 75-100 years. And ensure utter devastation in that area. Why are we happy with that policy?

asdubiakAug. 14, 1311:33 PM

Worse then east st louis and oakland? Boy I find that hard to believe. East St. Louis is usually one of the tops each year for murders per capita in the country.

elcerritoAug. 15, 1312:25 AM

I believe in a progressive social policy, but at some point don't people have to start assuming at least some responsibility for themselves?

elcerritoAug. 15, 1312:29 AM

As a resident of St. Paul, I appreciate the efforts of the SPPD on the East Side.


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