Anderson: Resources such as Mille Lacs can't last if politicians won't step in

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  • Updated: August 13, 2013 - 9:27 PM

If management of Mille Lacs walleyes this year can be considered an experiment — and in many ways it can — the results are in.

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ruphinaAug. 13, 13 8:37 PM

Little Skippy and his failure to defend the original lawsuit just keeps on giving (us the shaft). Bill G.

bgronniAug. 13, 13 9:15 PM

I used to fish that lake just about every weekend. have not been on it for 2 years now. and most likely will not be back. 3 years ago I sold my ice house I had at a resort on the lake. could not sell it for firewood now. We have learned nothing from Red Lake and the netting that went on there. Now I will have to buy my walleye from those that can still take them.

goodloonAug. 13, 13 9:31 PM

The answer may be to sell the boat trailer the whole works. No need for fishing license. Mille Lacs is only the first of many to see a decrease in sport fish. As lakes fill up with zebes and all others the outlook is grim. Too much hassle. Bait to expensive and can't use that much either. Ride a bike and bird watch, better for you.

sunburstfarmAug. 13, 1310:01 PM

Maybe all of the sportsman who were fools in supporting the Legacy Amendment, can all get together and get another tax passed against all of us, so the State can simply waste it.

jstwondrngAug. 13, 1310:51 PM

Another race bating column just in time for game fair. Well done Dennis. Looking at these responses you have succeeded in perpetuating the myth that the problems relating to fishing on Mille Lacs are due to the Indians. The facts are that the Indians have never come close to taking their allotted quota of fish. Invasive species, particularly zebra mussels, have changed the biology of the lake and are having a detrimental impact on the lake. Politicians did act and authorized 3 million dollars from the Legacy funds to fight the infestation but it was Dennis Anderson and the Lessard Council who got the bill vetoed. So I have to wonder if what Dennis is asking the politicians to revive the treaty case as opposed to doing things ( fighting invasive species) that have a real impact? Dennis needs to quit fighting the Indians and start fighting the real causes affecting Lake Mille Lacs.

zeldacAug. 13, 1311:11 PM

There should be no "QUOTA" for netting. Angling only. What will happen is that the DNR will be forced to stock the lake at taxpayers expense so that the natives can net. The solution is that the non natives don't visit the casino in town until a decent solution is reached. Good old Barbara Crabb, a federal judge ruined the lake.

joseph59Aug. 13, 1311:17 PM

Regarding Mille Lacs, the DNR has legal and political options galore. State taxpayers fund DNR plus the offices of Attorney General and the Governor. They have instant and potent access to statewide media. When will they stop supporting the ill-designed anti-Minnesota “treaty fisheries management” system which has them “managing” in ways contrary to the best interests of their own constituents and the resource? That 1999 court opinion never ordered miles of spawning-time gill nets in Mille Lacs, nor the misguided and counter-productive management scheme. Contrary to what’s said above, no court emasculated DNR leadership or blew up its massive bully-pulpit. And what about influential media? Never a challenge or hard question for taxpayer-funded tribal management agencies. No reports of the annual millions in costs. No strong opinion pieces denouncing the whole rotten thing. Hey, the huge negative costs far outweigh any positives. The Mille Lacs Messenger? They support the gill-netting, which was never a tribal “rights cause,” and have treated negatively those who question the Mille Lacs mess. And note jstwondring’s playing of the new race card. Discuss anything with a tribal connection—public policy, government decisions, resource management, etc.—and you’re anti-Indian?

codger64Aug. 14, 1312:16 AM

who didn't see this coming.I used to fish this lake 3 times a week. Haven't been there in 5 years and not going any time soon. Resort owners to bad I feel for you unless some gutsy people get involved your about done.Oh this is mn politics no guts there just raise cig tax.Or maybe a casino tax or maybe a toll both only one road around that lake

RankenFyleAug. 14, 1312:25 AM

C'mon, let's quit building walls because I can't hear anyone on the other side. We need an open table and no one leaves until we're done. If we don't work this out, and soon, we'll get to see Mille Lacs become one of the finest Asian carp fishing grounds in North America.

Wally66Aug. 14, 13 6:31 AM

What is the fastest way to wreck a good walleye fishery? Net the spawning females!!!


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