Aug. 12: Minneapolis, scrappers compete for less trash

  • Article by: MAYA RAO , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 13, 2013 - 10:13 PM

As Minneapolis cracks down, people who trawl for metal are widening their routes to the suburbs.

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justanother1Aug. 11, 1310:11 PM

Excuse me, "Minneapolis" is not "entitled" to anything. People paying the city to haul away their recycling which they then resell for profit anyway isn't enough entitlement? Minneapolis needs a scrappers to pick up and haul out all the trash that is currently employed as the city government, if anything.

dtmonkeyboyAug. 11, 1310:12 PM

If the city is going to pick up the items and recycle them and use the money to fund the city, then the scrapers are not doing anyone a service. It reminds me of people that took recycling from the curbside - It is indeed stealing.

dtmonkeyboyAug. 11, 1310:14 PM

QUOTE: "but you allow an able-bodied person to stand on the corner all day and panhandle,” .... The city does not allow this, the US constitution does. The court has ruled that pan handlers have the right of free speech to ask for money. But people love to blame the city for everything.

misterwittAug. 11, 1310:15 PM

I have found the vast majority of these Scrappers to be honorable folk just trying to make a buck.

ldachisAug. 11, 1310:23 PM

I really appreciate you folks of relieving me of the burden of my beautiful iron planters with the flowers still in them. Oh, and my metal gate. These people are criminals.

sandpoint17Aug. 11, 1310:38 PM

Are these scrappers properly removing freon from refrigerators and air conditioning units? Or are they just cutting the lines?

RGMCDONAug. 11, 1310:46 PM

The city is spending more trying to stop these guys making a fair buck,and doing a public service then they would collect if they stopped them from cleaning up the streets. Minneapolis bureaucrat, just stop! let these guys make a fair buck. Let the private enterprise give solutions to problems and keep your government nose out of it.

luxaeternaAug. 11, 1310:57 PM

I don't see how the city has any right to someone's junk. If I put it out, I don't care who picks it up as long as they take it all away.

raleighmamaAug. 11, 1311:20 PM

SCRAPPING IS ILLEGAL IN MINNEAPOLIS!!! Statistics show that more burglaries and thefts are reported on the days scrappers are active. Our trash/recycling collection day is Tuesday, and more thefts are reported on Mondays and Tuesdays. When I see these scrappers driving down the alley their trucks are filled with bicycles, grills, and other things taken from yards. I caught a scrapper in my neighbors yard trying to take her metal garden trellis. The problem is that the police do not place a high priority on 911 calls about scrappers, and the same guys drive through our alley every week. Even reporting the license numbers doesn't seem to help. POLICE PLEASE GET SERIOUS AND TAG SCRAPPERS AND TOW THEIR TRUCKS AS EVIDENCE.

MaxpayneAug. 11, 1311:27 PM

Scrappers are allowed to operate in Robbinsdale only with a permit and these are NOT issued. The trip behind the Auto Parts store that is so quaintly described here is theft. Now that I've called 911 on Scrappers in the area, their solution is to drive FASTER through the neighborhood so they don't get caught. My garden is 20 feet from the alley (lost a kitchen sink) and once I had a scrapper in my backyard looking under my deck to "see if I wanted to keep what was under there." Thanks for your story. Life is tough but don't steal my stuff and stay out of Robbinsdale!


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