Aug. 10: Health care debate hits State Fair

  • Article by: Jackie Crosby , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 15, 2013 - 3:02 PM

A billboard critical of a new insurance exchange went up just as the state prepares to promote the program.

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Kate23Aug. 9, 13 8:40 PM

Like, I make all my health care decisions based on billboards! LOL!

gofurnuttAug. 9, 13 9:01 PM

Here's The Way The Hatred of Obamacare Works........Those Fighting The Obamacare Insurance Program rrrr Either Politicians In the Pockets of The Insurance Industry or Those That Have Medicare or "Think" That They Have Employer Provided Insurance and Will Never Have to Go Into the Private Insurance Market For Reasonable Coverage. Hope They Never Get Fired and Have a Pre-Existing Condition That They Can't Get Covered Before Medicare Kicks In at The Age of 70, If Conservatives Had Their Way...Good Luck Most....'Cause You're Gonna Need It......NOWWW All That Congress Would Really Have To Do to Cut Medical Costs 1/3 and Cover Everyone Is Have A Single Payer Program....ORRRRRRRR Open Up All Insurances To All People and Make It Truly Competitive...Buttt, Who In The Hell Would Want That Simple Solution...Not The Republicans......

jbpaperAug. 9, 13 9:30 PM

"The insurers agreed to the earlier release after the Commerce and Health Departments asked for more transparency for consumers."

"Officials have not disclosed details of what their marketing program will include."

They seek transparency from the insurers while keeping their own plans, which are paid with taxpayer money, secret.

jbpaperAug. 9, 13 9:36 PM

gofurnutt; As someone who has an individual policy, I looked at Mnsure's website. The estimate that they gave me was more than double what I am paying now.

jhb8426Aug. 9, 13 9:42 PM

“Minnesotans are smarter than that.” Ummm, yeah right. We elected Mark Dayton and went for Obama twice...

wln5t0nAug. 9, 1310:33 PM

The billboard is just a stark reminder of who it was who caused the necessity for Obamacare in the first place: namely, all those slackers who refuse to carry their own health insurance policies and make the rest of us pay for their health care.

sek2undrstndAug. 9, 1310:55 PM

Unless I am wrong, the exchanges were created based upon the principle of competition. Why would Citizen Councils for Healthcare Freedom be anti-competition?

chuckdancerAug. 9, 1311:32 PM

Funny they don't promote their plan for health care coverage. What is their plan since they don't like this one?

donm251Aug. 9, 1311:47 PM

Small business be warned - you're going to have a 30% plus cost of health insurance cost come 1/1/15.

Packman_1Aug. 10, 13 7:43 AM

You have to ask yourself who is the Citizen Councils for Healthcare Freedom? Obviously they have enough money to throw away on a billboard for a month or more. What is their alternative to Obamacare and if they have one, why haven't they announced it long before now? My guess is that this is another right-wing group similar to the Koch's Americans for Prosperity or Dick Armey's Freedomworks. Similar signs were put up all over MN prior to the last election. I never saw a single billboard supporting any liberal position, so that should tell anyone all they care to know about who is funding these slanderboards.


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