NFL purse ban has smooth Dome debut — with a only a few hitches

  • Article by: Joy Powell , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 10, 2013 - 8:29 AM

New security rule riled some fans at the Dome for the Vikings game, but most had gotten the message and arrived without purses and bags.

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vampress_meAug. 9, 13 6:38 PM

"The so-called purse ban was adopted in May by the NFL Committee on Stadium Security in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing". You gotta wonder how many people try bringing pressure cookers into football games for this to make sense. And, wonder how many cars around the Dome are going to be broken into tonight due to women having to leave their purses in cars.

sharkysharkAug. 9, 13 6:46 PM

No way! This is just another way for that crook Zygi Wilf to force fans to buy their food and drink from him.

brokenclockAug. 9, 13 6:47 PM

More freedom lost. Gropings at the airport. Roaming VIPR teams setting up where ever they want. Communications being vacuumed up. Now this. How long before they drag out the x-ray machines and body scanners? How long before everyone has to be frisked? We're a small step away from "Your papers please". The security apparatus in this country is strangling the life out of us. That means the bad guys have won.

felsiteAug. 9, 13 7:12 PM

Now if they also limit the number of drunks who have tailgating all day from getting in the stadium, the rest of the people could have a good time.

la55122Aug. 9, 13 7:37 PM

Not that I go to many NFL games, but this is over the top. I pay big money to buy a ticket and I'm rewarded as if I'm being booked at the jail. Let them put in a bag x-ray lane for those that want to bring in a camera bag or seat cushion. So next time I go to a Vikings game, I'll wear cargo pants with pockets big enough for all my photo gear and maybe some illicit snacks! Skol Vikings! Down with the NFL, the N.J.mafia, and the new stadium.

IHATELOGINS0Aug. 9, 13 7:37 PM

Next week the NFL is instituting body cavity searches and BO detectors. Remember to take a shower before the game!

samiamAug. 9, 13 7:50 PM

Look for an increase in car break ins tonight

bobblumenfelAug. 9, 13 8:00 PM

@la55122: Cargo pants! They forgot to put those in the list. How long do you think it will take for them to update the list?

monica08Aug. 9, 13 8:02 PM

One more reason not to go to a game.

chocoholic24Aug. 9, 13 9:05 PM

I wonder how many bags will be "misplaced" at the bag check? What's next, will only clear bags with the Vikings or the NFL logo be allowed? It is truly disgusting the way they are treating the taxpayers who are paying for their new stadium.


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