Minnesota candidates: Class identity a factor

  • Article by: LORI STURDEVANT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 10, 2013 - 5:28 PM

One might say that positions matter more, but image counts, and it’s being presented.

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jim4848Aug. 10, 13 5:51 PM

Note to Zellers. Most everyday Minnesotans are not members of ALEC.

pumiceAug. 10, 13 6:06 PM

Re: "So I’ll just humbly remind voters that a candidate who 'is like me' in means or background is not guaranteed to 'care about people like me.' It’s the latter attribute that’s the prize." Good reminder, Ms. Sturdevant. Candidates who care about people like me are not likely to have signed the Norquist pledge. Nor are they likely to have ALEC connections.

LicoriceAug. 10, 1310:19 PM

Nobody associated with ALEC cares about people like me.

furguson11Aug. 10, 1311:08 PM

The median household income in MN is about $60k per the census bureau, if that helps figure where the middle is. Ortman gets paid $61k per year as a part-time Senior Admin manager at the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office. She made another $31k from he senate gig plus $9,400 in per diem. Plus I'm guessing she has paid parking both places. So not "middle class." Zellers has some farm experience, but lives in Maple Grove - he moved to the big city like the rest of the farm kids. In a twist of irony, he picked up Stanek's old seat (Maple Grove is a hotbed of conservative activity). He's a senior account executive along with his representative gig. I'm guessing his household pulls down more than $60k also. But to his credit, he has a hot wife (his words). I think I'll go with Al, who appears to be a successful self made man from St. Louis Park, even though he pulls down the big bucks. At least I get a laugh out of him now and again. Dayton pulled of class warfare with his tax proposal when he was elected, I'm not sure the GOP has a ghost of a chance of doing the same thing.

Packman_1Aug. 11, 13 8:04 AM

There is a long list of wealthy people who enter politics to actually serve the interests of ALL of their constituents. This can't be said of anyone who supports the ALEC agenda, which Emmer, Ortman and Zellars obviously do.

wa0tdaAug. 11, 13 8:46 AM

I'll be voting on real issues, not silly fabricated distractions like who-makes-what-income or who-cleaned-the-barn.

dave9398Aug. 11, 13 8:57 AM

One is “strong leader.” The second is “cares about people like me.” --- Neither of these traits represents Mark Dayton.

jd55604Aug. 11, 1310:51 AM

Typical voters. They have no interest in policy issues. They simply want a candidate whose appearance and background elicits a favorable emotional response.

eman2001Aug. 11, 1311:26 AM

Dayton wouldn't even stand up for single fathers (He's one of them). He vetoed a bill passed by 2/3 of the legislature that would have presumed that these fathers have their children with them at least 35% of the time after divorce or separation.

twspt7Aug. 11, 1312:59 PM

Just as the Democrats tried to use W's military record against him a few years back, so also are the Republicans trying to use Dayton's legacy wealth against him. Welcome to the political arena, those of you who find this unfair. But as others have said above, it matters much more what you do than what you say. Vote on actions, not rhetoric, and you'll have a better idea of what someone elected to any political office will actually do when in office.


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