NFL says no to most bags, purses in stadiums

  • Article by: ROCHELLE OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 9, 2013 - 10:57 AM

New security measure will be in effect tonight at the Dome.

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bellamn16Aug. 8, 1310:00 PM

This is RIDICULOUS. It doesn't even warrant further comment.

knowneck00Aug. 8, 1310:08 PM

Absolutely nuts. Wife and I will being staying home this year, to take our stand against this intrusive violation. Yes it's there business, but also our choice not to purchase then.

lumpermanAug. 8, 1310:29 PM

If only fans had the strength to walk away for one crappy pre season, (full price) game the NFL would be embarrassed enough to change the BS rules. They already have you believing you should pay a hundred plus bucks to watch them practice, $7.50 for a beer, $20 to park.... stay home where the toilet is closer, cleaner and the beer is cheaper and colder, and the seats are a whole lot more comfy. Screw the NFL.

obviousAug. 8, 1310:30 PM

where did anyone come up with those particular dimensions for an object ?? ... something smaller couldn't harm people ... of course it could ... more meddling from the nanny state ... "well, we need to do something, even if it makes no sense ... at least we did something" ...

DufferHAug. 8, 1310:44 PM

This has nothing to do with security. It has everything to do with forcing the fans to buy the Dome's expensive snacks rather than bringing anything in.

nkpguyAug. 8, 1311:05 PM

Next they will ban cargo shorts and pants....after all those pockets could carry a bomb........or a snack!

corvette1969Aug. 8, 1311:41 PM

and if enough sane folks decide this security is way too much, and stay home in protest ... well, the NFL pulls the old "TV blackout" rule out of their bag of tricks and no TV for you!! Welcome to reruns of Gilligans Island while Ziggy laughs all the way to his New Jersey bank.

hobie2Aug. 8, 1311:53 PM

Well, that makes one decision easy enough... Do I pay a couple hundred bucks to go to a place where I will be treated like a criminal, so that I can watch pre-season hype fade into mediocrity and put in my time among others of like abuse - or do I do something where I am treated like a human being and not a walking cash machine... The NFL is not that great a draw that I need to go to prison for 3 hours to see a game.

wizeoneAug. 9, 1312:26 AM

Next: PAPERS PLEASE!! (or else get body-slammed and put in the lockup as a subversive). This is just paranoia carried to the max. Vikings fans: protest by staying home, please!! Teach the stupid NFL a lesson. Are we citizens or sheep? Your actions will decide.

kennyrogersAug. 9, 1312:45 AM

I've gone to thousands of games. I can't remember ever bringing anything with me but my wallet.


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