As Minneapolis police chief begins official dialogue over tensions, community groups have competing reactions

  • Article by: Matt McKinney and RANDY FURST , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: August 7, 2013 - 11:56 PM

As Chief Janeé Harteau hosted a meeting of community leaders, activists vowed to seek federal audit of department.

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norselandcAug. 7, 1311:10 PM

Have the Minneapolis police ever found themselves guilty in a dispute involving a member of the Black community? If so, it is a very short list of instances.

obviousAug. 7, 1311:18 PM

"Twin Cities’ black community" ?? ... is that not racist to begin with ?? ... where do we go from there ??

basia2186Aug. 7, 1311:34 PM

First amendment. Free speech. The cops were out of state and off duty. This is all about $$$$$$...

avejoeconAug. 7, 1311:34 PM

Have the Minneapolis police ever found themselves guilty in a dispute involving a member of the Black community? If so, it is a very short list of instances.-----------Has the black community ever found a black person guilty in a dispute with the police. The list is non-existant!

philwen75Aug. 8, 1312:45 AM

I don't buy the "free speech" shield if you are legally allowed to point guns in people's face. I hold police officers to a higher standard than other jobs. Very few people are qualified to be police officers. I don't know how these guys got into the SWAT team, but MPD SWAT qualifications must be way down.

habibwAug. 8, 13 4:34 AM

We need more people of color to step up to the plate, go to school and then become police officers in Minneapolis, lets start acting in a manner that can change things for the better. Its not an easy path to follow, lots of school, keeping a clean record, and if you get in low pay for a while and nights and weekends for many years. And also some stress and danger is associated with the job, but this is what needs to happen.

basia2186Aug. 8, 13 5:15 AM

Off duty. No guns were involved. Again. Looking for some unearned income ala aclu. The black leaders should spend less time complaining and more time working with their directionless youth.

lakimAug. 8, 13 5:30 AM

It is beyond disgraceful that people want to condone the culture of hate that has existed in police departments. When you hate certain groups of people you cannot police the public, period. It's 2013 and racial hate is being exhibited by those who fear and are resistant to change. Minorities will be the majority and when the tables turn you don't want to be on the wrong side of history.

wizeoneAug. 8, 13 5:41 AM

I know some MPD cops who are really upset about these few bad apples. From what they say, there is a cult of steroid use in the SWAT team. Look at the ones who went from being "in shape" to looking like "the Hulk". So some of this may be "Droid Rage" syndrome, along with just being morally unfit to uphold the code of conduct of the MPD. Let's hope the chief gets rid of these losers and that the union doesn't support their bad actors.

owatonnabillAug. 8, 13 6:28 AM

Owatonnabill recalls, not all that many days ago, an opinion piece that may have even appeared in the Strib. It was to the effect that the politics of racial strife, which in large part this is, is really nothing more, on the part of the "Black leaders" than a desperate attempt to hang on to power. The Zimmerman verdict was, for the first time in a long while a triumph of law and reason over emotion, and as emotion was and still is the key to power for these people. it bluntly scared the bleep out of them. We saw this in the extreme, often bizarre reactions to the verdict not only on the part of many in the Black community but also on the part of their leaders, which in effect caused the extreme reactions among the people they purport to lead. The point of the article was that the triumph of reason is a direct challenge to these leaders, which means that the more reason triumphs, the more we will be seeing things like the extreme emotional reaction drummed up by them against the Minneapolis Police Dept. Does that mean that racism, sexism and thuggery do not exist in the Minneapolis PD? Of course not. In any large group of people whose profession is essentially controlled violence, there will be excesses and abuses, and every effort needs to me made to control those excesses and abuses. But this all needs to be taken with more than a grain of salt, and reason needs to prevail. Let's just say that owatonnabill is not quite ready to completely believe the claims of the Black leaders in this case, whose power depends on the hate and discord that their public commentary drums up and who are VERY threatened if the public does not buy, or at least not cowed by, those claims.


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