Aug. 7: Edina wants to cool conflict at ice arena, but it may heat up yet

  • Article by: Mary Jane Smetanka , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 7, 2013 - 6:55 PM

City tries to strike balance between hockey, figure skating groups.

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blondsoneAug. 6, 1310:26 PM

Must be nice to live in Edina, eat cake all day and fight over a sheet of ice! Come on out to Delano and see some real problems!

logician88Aug. 6, 1310:38 PM

It's hard to argue that the organization with 99% Edina people should get priority over one with less than 50% residents, but you still have to laugh at a suggestion of not having all their hours close to home being a "hardship" on Edina hockey families. I know a lot of people who would gladly trade "hardships" with families in Edina wealthy enough to have their kids in hockey.

wayzata1985Aug. 7, 1312:10 AM

"Braemar already operates at a deficit that usually hovers around $250,000 a year" Another fine example of public management - rent out facilities below cost and ask the taxpayers to foot the bill. It's same story around the state. Make the people that use the facilities pay enough to cover the costs.

hobie2Aug. 7, 1312:49 AM

The Hockey Association has 2/3 of the rinks at Braemar and now wants all of them "prime time"? They practice part of the year and want all three rinks? Pretty cheeky of them... and expect the figure skaters who use their one rink for six hours a day all year round to move?... So what so special about the people with sticks that they should have all the rinks when they want to practice? It's not like they are full time customers or aren't getting most of the available ice hours already... The Council is right on keeping the steady income from year round customers.

fishbachAug. 7, 13 2:31 AM

Let 'em duke it out.

zoopupAug. 7, 13 5:10 AM

I have an opinion about youth hockey but I will keep it to myself. However, I'm curious why a busy facility operates at a $250K deficit. Shouldn't people of Edina be more concerned about that?

chuckspearerAug. 7, 13 6:21 AM

As a hockey parent from another area, I can sympathize. This is Edina's rink, likely paid for by Edina parents. Edina hockey association is made up almost exclusively by Edina kids. The figure skating club brings in skaters from all over, I understand (and likely serves substantially fewer skaters.) Call them whatever you like, Edina has through the years built a hockey program to be proud of. And yes, they pay for it. Nothing wrong with that.

logician88Aug. 7, 13 6:35 AM

Next time Charles Barkley hosts Saturday Night Live, I am sure he will feature this dispute in the hilarious segment they ran last time called "White People Problems."

mmediaAug. 7, 13 7:11 AM

"This is Edina's rink, likely paid for by Edina parents." __ Not when it's running a $250,000 deficit! It's paid for by taxpayers then, whether parents, skating, or hockey fans or not.

bluebird227Aug. 7, 13 7:30 AM

When did youth hockey become a year-round activity? What's the cost to maintain a sheet of ice all year? These hockey parents are slaves to the rink!


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