Judge says Zygi Wilf cheated partners in N.J. apartment project

  • Article by: Mike Kaszuba , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 7, 2013 - 7:00 AM

Vikings owner showed “bad faith and evil motive” in apartment project dealings, she said during courtroom rebuke.

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blondsoneAug. 6, 1310:22 PM

Great owners of the team. I wonder what the City of Minneapolis will say about them after the tax payers spend millions on a new stadium! Denny Hecker should have bought the team!

Opus2013Aug. 6, 1310:43 PM

Superior Court Judge Deanne Wilson... said the family had not met the “barest minimum” of their responsibilities as business partners. --------------------- And this is the type of character that the NFL screens and the state of Minnesota gifts hundreds of millions of dollars to. The NFL should buy out WILF for the fair market value of the team (a value that does not take into consideration a new stadium)and send him back to New Jersey. It is disgraceful that Dayton, Rybak, and every other supporter of this farce...chose to do business with someone as unethical as Wilf. It really is too bad that he couldn't be brought up on federal criminal charges.

RossbergAug. 6, 1310:59 PM

"Private business matter" or not, with a net worth of only $310 million and a potential of losing a $50+ million judgement, we're partnering with someone who suddenly may not be quite as well-off as we thought and who has a history of submitting financial statements which are neither "true nor accurate". Given this revelation as well as the Wilf family's business reputation starting to smell like week-old fish, it's time to re-evaluate our commitment to form a 30 year relationship with these folks before we start tearing down buildings and digging up roads. With a probable Special Session occurring in the next few weeks there's plenty of time left to hold some new hearings and make sure that we still want to head down this road.

strib1991Aug. 7, 1312:11 AM

Ziggy may soon be in the Minnesota Sports Hall of Shame, right next to Norm Green. Unreal

minneg56Aug. 7, 13 6:26 AM

WELL! Who couldn't see this type of thing coming? Knock me over with a FEATHER!

dougmac1Aug. 7, 13 7:39 AM

Standard Playbook for owning an MLB/NBA/NFL/NHL team: 1) Buy team and curry favor with fan base; 2) Demand public funds to build you a stadium which will increase the book value of your team by 2x; 3) Cut operational costs to improve short-term cash flow. 4) Borrow at cheaper rates with team/stadium lease as your collateral; 5) Sell at 2x your profit in 8 years. I hope MN legislature keeps a close eye on this carpetbagger....

rshacklefordAug. 7, 13 8:45 AM

There are more than 5.3 million Minnesota taxpayers that want to know what Dayton will do about this completely screwed-up situation that he forced us into. What he allowed to happen, took part in, and added others is called collusion and that is what he will be remembered for if this unnecessary and ugly building does get built. Here is a new plan: Have the crook's team play at the U of MN students' stadium in perpetuity until Wilf comes up with ALL of the funding necessary to replace a building that does not need to be replaced! This line from the "Wilf Loses Big Legal Battle" article will become a classic: "The judge said that Wilf, by his own "candid and credible" testimony, told the court that he felt business partner Ada Reichmann got "too good a deal" and that he "reneged" on an agreement made by his uncle Harry Wilf when Rachel Gardens was built in the 1980s." Wilf must want ALL MINNESOTANS to pay for his building because otherwise we would be getting "too good a deal," right?!

krellcodaAug. 7, 13 8:57 AM

And we just spent a billion dollars of tax payers' hard earned money to build them a new stadium so a few loser Vikes fans can sit in the lazy rear and watch 8 games a year? That money should have been spent on schools, parks and other important matters, not a football stadium.

acctsah2Aug. 7, 13 9:24 AM

It is funny, Denny Hecker/Tom Petters/name your favorite business fraudster, are in jail, monsters and so on. This guy is getting a billion dollar stadium. Apparently there is no issue with that. So basically if it has to do with the NFL it's ok to be a crook?

gemie1Aug. 7, 13 9:27 AM

Please Governor Dayton, Please evaluate your plans for the new Vikings Stadium.


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